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Content Creation vs. Backlinking: Which Is More Effective?

We are living in the information age when nearly everything a human could possibly need is at their fingertips. All this information is often coursed through a search engine of some kind, like Google or Bing. As such, it is important to apply the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for your business to be considered the best answer to a customer’s needs. 

One concern many businesses have of any size is whether they should focus on building content before they backlink. The answer, optimally speaking, should be both. But which is more important? What if the website in consideration is from a business that is either new or small? This is where SEO experts agree that content should always come first. 

Why content first?

To understand why content should come first involves understanding the reason that content creation and backlinking are important. 

Content creation, as an aspect of SEO and marketing, serves several purposes. The most important of these purposes is to create meaningful and attractive content that users and consumers can engage with. It serves to draw in new leads by offering solutions to problems they might not know how to solve. It can give them an understanding of the circumstances surrounding your product or service or show them how your product makes their lives easier.

It can also provide an opportunity for consumers to get to know your brand, as blog articles can give your customers insight into how your business operates. 

Its purpose in SEO is to increase the relevance of your brand to user inquiries through keyword repetition, backlinking, and so on. 

Backlinking serves purposes only in SEO, but not in branding. It is safe to assume that without meaningful content, there would be no links for other websites to use in their articles—and thus, no opportunities for backlinking. 

Engaging and meaningful content is why people link

Every digital marketer knows that encouraging more organic responses to your content is the most important. A personal blog linking to one of your articles is a great indicator of success. More than the repetition of keywords, and more than linking from everywhere else on the website, it is crucial to elicit this kind of response from users. 

You can link all you want, but without quality content, your SEO and marketing can come off inorganic and artificial. The more it demonstrates these qualities, the less likely users will be inclined to see your value as a brand. 

In conclusion

You can apply both techniques to your website, but content creation is a more holistic approach with greater long-term results than simply backlinking. Separately, they can be productive, but the results of a good content marketing campaign will always be better and more beneficial to your business in the long run. 

That being said, there is no reason not to apply backlinking techniques once you have built up enough content on your website. Combined, the two lets you increase your content’s ranking on search engines and its relevance to the consumers looking for a solution to their problems.

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