How to Boost your SEO Rankings With Guest Posting

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Creating content is a surefire way to get more traffic on any website. Making original content that you could advertise on your social media is an excellent method for increasing the number of clicks and site visits. However, thinking of unique and captivating can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, there is one method that could help you resolve both problems in one―guest posting.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is an SEO technique that website owners utilize to promote their brand, product, service, or site to a different (and often wider) audience group. In this process, you publish a quality and informative blog post to a third-party website or blog to get exposure for your own online presence.

The third-party website owner benefits from you by having high-quality content and getting the exposure they want from your followers. In return, they would add a backlink to your website and subtly promote your brand or website to their audience. Moreover, if you manage to develop a top-quality blog post, that could result in more traffic flowing to your website. 

Why You Should Try Guest Posting: 3 Benefits Your Website Could Get

Guest posting is a two-way process wherein both parties benefit from each other, and if you are looking for more reasons to pursue this tactic, here are three good motivations:

1: Your Site Gets Referral Traffic

Indeed, you do the hard work in writing the high-quality content, but the third-party website would do its share of the work by generating redirecting traffic to your website. Referral traffic is Google’s term for the phenomenon of people visiting your site due to a hyperlink from another site, not the search engines. 

Guest posting has proven a successful method for creating traffic spikes in blogs and websites, and Google’s SEO protocols love this so much. Another thing that Google loves is the quality of the website your link came from. Make sure to partner with quality websites that can increase your traffic and your SEO score. 

2: You Become an Authority With Wider Reach

No matter how you look at it, writing about a particular topic and publishing it on a trusted site could show how knowledgeable your brand is about that subject. Furthermore, choosing to contribute to an authoritative blog can increase your credibility as an information source on the said topic. 

If you want to maximize your exposure, consider reaching out to more authoritative sites so your brand or website can get exposed to their respective audiences as well. The more you improve your brand awareness and increase your brand authority, the more people will learn about your company, services, or products. 

3: Start Your Link Building

Link building is another benefit you get from guest posting. In case you are not aware, Google uses links to rank your site. Without link building, you have a fewer chance of getting considered by Google no matter how amazing your content is. 


One not-so-secret method of increasing your SEO ranking is getting more traffic to your website. Guest posting can do just that and more. It can boost your follower count and shares. It allows you to contribute to an authoritative site and have them endorse your website. More importantly, you can add value to

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the conversation, boosting your credibility as a brand, company, or website.

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