Top 3 SEO Mistakes That Businesses Should Avoid in 2020

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the go-to method of online marketers to improve a business’s online presence. Using the right SEO techniques can help you promote your website to stand out and improve its ranking. However, the sudden increase in content produced every day makes doing so more challenging. 

Despite all the guidelines that articles teach marketers how to improve their search engine rankings, many still commit many mistakes. Neophytes and even advanced SEO professionals make errors that can make all their effort go to waste if they do not know what to avoid.

If you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level, you need to learn about the common mistakes you should never commit. Here are a few examples you should know:

Mistake 1: Not making an effort to stay updated

The only thing that is constant about SEO is that it changes all the time. The algorithms adjust almost every day, and significant changes occur every few months. Not staying up to date with the latest can leave you behind in the ranking game. Instead of seeing your results improve, you might even experience a gradual drop in your performance.

Now that you are aware of this fact remember to prepare for regular and fast changes to your techniques, tactics, and strategies. Never ignore any trends you see, where SEO is currently at, and what direction you assume it’s going to take. You can also monitor the current pages on top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and keep an eye on what they are doing to retain their spot. 

Mistake 2: Designing your strategy based on Google

Marketers tend to tailor their strategy based on what they believe Google will rank best. While this can be helpful in a way, it sometimes has the opposite effect. 

Google serves to feed users with answers to their questions. If you fit your strategy to appeal to Google more instead of its users, you might not be able to deliver what users need. When that happens, website visitors might not find any value in your content and look elsewhere, which can eventually lower your rankings. 

What Google prioritizes are user-friendly websites for people searching for answers online. You can cater to these needs by implementing the following:

  • Information-rich content
  • Smart imagery and multimedia presentations
  • Easy navigation system
  • Regularly updated site
  • Quick loading time
  • Mobile optimized site

That is how you stay on top of the search engine while providing for the needs of searchers. 

Mistake 3: Not optimizing your site for mobile

It is common knowledge that mobile browsing is taking over as the primary method for online searches. In fact, more than half of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If you make your website efforts purely for desktop optimization, you miss opportunities to serve half of your potential audience. 


Make your site mobile-optimized, design your web strategy for your users’ needs, and always keep your eyes open to SEO updates and changes. You will be many steps ahead of your competitors by following these tips. There are many things to learn about SEO, but avoiding the three mistakes mentioned in this article could lead to a good start.

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