Utilizing Social Media: 3 Tips to Increase Your Followers

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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In building your business, one of the most crucial aspects of successfully gaining a following is by making your brand recognizable. In terms of competing with well-known brands with almost unlimited marketing budgets, small business owners need to play smart if they want to reach the right customer base. Promoting your brand through social media platforms is an excellent way to bring attention to your business.

Utilizing the power of social media

Everyone makes use of social media for different purposes. Thanks to these platforms, it’s much easier for brands to interact and engage with their potential customer demographic via a social media profile of their own.

If you’re planning to increase your brand’s online presence through social media, here are three tips for you to consider:

1. Build a brand that’s unique and easy to identify

Millions of businesses across the globe make use of social media to get early traction on their company’s brand. Whether you’re focusing on your local area or setting your sights on an international audience, making your brand stand out compared to your competitors can give you an advantage in your marketing efforts.

Your branding elements need to be clear to your business’ identity, from your company logo to your brand book’s visual motifs. Present a unique face to your potential customers so that it will be easier to remember your marketing campaigns. You should focus on content that’s both memorable and relevant for your followers to engage with.

2. Utilize the right social media platforms

Many brands use more than one social media platform to increase their brand’s reach. Not only does this help in expanding their customer reach, but it also gives them more avenues in executing social media marketing campaigns. Each platform has its strengths, so you need to know what each platform’s purpose is. Listed below are some platforms that you can invest in:

  • Facebook: Advertising on Facebook will allow you to reach a high volume of viewers, all from different demographics. Besides creating a business profile, you can use the platform to pay for ad spots and boosted posts to increase the reach of your content.
  • Instagram: It’s a platform that many people from different walks of life use, from digital artists to well-known social media influencers. Since its main focus for content are photos and videos, you can use Instagram to curate product showcases or to show a behind-the-scenes look at your promotional events.
  • LinkedIn: Ranked as the third fastest growing social media platform, users mainly use LinkedIn for job postings and employment. As a business owner, this platform gives you the best method of connecting with a professional audience. Posting in LinkedIn with blog posts and company updates can help potential business partners to notice your developments and willing job applicants to gauge the performance and quality of your business.

Don’t forget to perform backlinking on your different social media profiles to land back to your official website so that you can have steady traction of ingoing and outgoing online traffic. Doing this allows you to direct customers to your different socials with ease.

3. Give your customers a reason to follow your services

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to use one social media platform in today’s competitive market. It’s because diversification of content allows you to create posts that potential customers and business partners in different partners can engage in. However, you should make sure that your content can incentivize your customers to follow your profiles.

Give your customers a reason to follow your website by offering relevant information or attractive incentives such as product discounts or notifications to future promos. Rewarding them for engaging with your content is an excellent way to gain organic online traffic for search engines to rank you higher on the SERPs.


As a business owner, you need to be familiar with all the tools at your disposal to increase your brand’s reach. Social media is one of the many modern advantages that many entrepreneurs need to utilize fully. Increasing your follower count through social media platforms is a great way to start building your loyal customer base.

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