The Best Social Media Tools in 2024

Last Updated: December 30, 2023

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In the digital world, social media continues to evolve constantly and using the right tools, specifically the best social media tools, is key to optimizing brand reach and results across proliferating platforms. Managing this complex social landscape requires a diverse toolkit, including the best social media tools, from versatile all-in-one platforms to highly specialized analytics services to creative solutions for engaging content production.

There are top tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that offer unified social media management to schedule and coordinate posts while tracking performance through robust data. BuzzSumo and Iconosquare are great for analytics, offering deep insights into engagement and audience behavior. TweetDeck and Reddit Later drill down on maximizing effectiveness on specific social channels like Twitter and Reddit.

Powerful visual content generators like Canva and Recite simplify the production of professional-grade social assets with little effort or design expertise. Through event specialists like Hopin and networking expands like Linktree, today’s most cutting-edge platforms give brands an expansive, integrated command center for developing and fine-tuning dynamic social strategies at scale.

What do we know about Social Media Management?

What do we know about Social Media

There are some of the most useful and innovative social media tools for 2024 include Hootsuite for social media management, Buffer for scheduling posts, BuzzSumo for social media analytics, Iconosquare for Instagram analytics, TweetDeck for Twitter analytics, Canva for creating visual content, Recite for transforming text into videos, Linktree for organizing profile links, Reddit Later for scheduling Reddit posts, Planoly for Instagram management and editing, Loom to create screen videos, OBS for video recording and live streaming, Adobe Premiere Pro for advanced video editing, Audiomack for hosting and sharing podcasts and Hopin or Run The World for managing virtual events.

Many of these tools facilitate tracking metrics and performance, scheduling, collaborating, saving time on design work, expanding reach and staying on top of rapidly evolving social trends and best practices. With powerful new AI-driven options like Post Intelligence by Hootsuite providing insightful suggestions for optimal timing and phrasing based on analysis of past performance data, the social media toolkit continues expanding creatively.

 Using the right mix of these cutting-edge yet user-friendly resources will give any company or brand a vital competitive edge.

The Available Best Social Media Tools

Buffer is the most suitable tool for Analyzing Performance

One of the most significant software services is Hootsuite, the top option for social media management. Its centralized dashboard gives a command center view for scheduling posts across platforms while monitoring a unified content calendar and social performance analytics. Buffer offers similar scheduling, analytics, and account management benefits.

When it comes to Instagram tips and social media analytics, BuzzSumo facilitates tracking a brand’s content and competitors’ performance by engagement and influencer opportunities. Additionally, Iconosquare offers an invaluable resource with its in-depth Instagram analytics toolkit, which includes audience demographics and insight reporting, essential for mastering Instagram marketing strategies.

For monitoring platform specifics, TweetDeck unleashes real-time organizing and tracking of tweets, trends and custom columns, while Reddit Later optimizes scheduling and aggregates subreddit analytics.

Canva is the best tool for Content Creation

Canva is the best social media tools

For content creation, Canva is highly recommended for its user-friendly design templates, while Recite offers innovative text-to-video conversion, photos and video editing, with comprehensive brand kits.
Looking through alternatively converts text to video with an array of customizable animated templates and voice-over options. Linktree and Loom help expand social media reach, the first by centralizing profile links with custom pages and click analytics, and the second by hosting explanatory video screen recordings with baked-in metrics. 

Live-Streaming & Events

Regarding live-streaming or running virtual events, OBS Studio is ideal for live-streaming with its advanced features, while Hopin provides comprehensive solutions for virtual event management. with extensive venue customization and analytics. With these cutting-edge tools constituting the best social media kit for 2024, brands can achieve maximum online impact.

There are a lot of tools for various uses but, Key tools for 2024 include Hootsuite for comprehensive management, Buffer for scheduling and Iconosquare for Instagram analytics.

1.  Zoho Social 

Zoho Social tool


 It provides significant features like a unified inbox for mentions/messages, AI assistant, multi-account/profile management, schedule and queue posts, content calendar, analysis engagements and audience demographics.

Tools like Hootsuite and Zoho Social offer multi-profile management, allowing users to schedule and analyze posts across various platforms from a single dashboard.


It provides a free version with basic features. The standard plan is $15/month per user billed annually. It is recommended for up to 5 social profiles and 1 user. For the professional plan, $35/month per user is billed annually. It offers up to 15 social profiles and 5 users.

2. Social Status


It offers competitive benchmarking, daily/weekly social monitoring reports, expert recommendations to improve strategy, real-time alerts, unified inbox, post templates 


The pricing range starts from $99 per month. It offers 3 users, 8 accounts, 8 keywords. The second team ranges from  $249 per month – 8 users, 15 accounts, and 15 keywords. The growth package starts from $499 per month. It includes 15 users, 25 accounts, and 25 keywords.

3. Iconosquare 

Iconosquare tool


It offers actionable Instagram analytics and insights, audience demographics filtering, Stories performance, post scheduling, highlighting top-performing content pieces and optimal posting times.


The pricing range starts for the advanced plan from $99 per month with premium features, which replaces the discontinued Pro plan.

4. Hootsuite


It offers a single dashboard to manage 250+ social networks, a unified social inbox, schedule unlimited posts, 30+ task assignment workflows, a comprehensive analytics dashboard tracking brand health metrics across channels   


The pricing range starts from $49/user/month for 5 users and 200 social profiles, Business $599/month for unlimited users and social channels

5. tool


It provides real-time social listening with a custom rules engine, data-driven content recommendations, automated report generation with highlights and advice, and analytics that capture everyone interacting with your brand mentions


The pricing range starts from $29/month for monitoring up to two social media handles. Professional $99/month for up to 25 handles

6. Sendible 


It offers specific features like a centralized collaboration inbox, creation and schedule of unlimited posts, managing campaigns while tracking performance, automation reporting with custom templates, UTM link tagging


The pricing range starts from $29/month for 1 user and 1 social profile. Pro $99/month for 3 users and 25 profiles. Custom premium packages.

7. Amplify


It offers a unified customer messaging platform, contextual bot conversations, analysis campaigns across social ad digital channels, workflow automation, CX analysis tools 



It offers real-time brand monitoring with threat analysis, tracking crisis performance via custom dashboards, and automation workflows using AI and Natural Language Understanding. 

9. Rival IQ

Rival IQ tool


 It offers benchmark performance vs competitors, identifies gaps in content strategy, and audience analysis tools, tracks campaigns, and analyzes video content


 The pricing range starts from $99/month and analyses 3 competitors with 10 searches. Professional $199/month handles 25 competitors. Premium $399/month includes 50.

10. Keyhole


It provides real-time hashtag monitoring, analysis of tweet influences and engagement, identifying top-performing content, tracking user demographics and interactions  


The pricing range starts from $99/month, Team plan $199/month, Company Analysis $499/month 

11. Cyfe 

Cyfe tool


It offers hundreds of pre-built dashboard metric templates, tracks and visualizes cross-channel data, robust filtering options, CRM and marketing automation integrations


The pricing range starts from $19 a month per user, Teams $49 a month per user, Enterprise custom 

12. Google Analytics


It provides traffic analysis, goal completion tracking, segment data by parameters, channel reports, attribution modeling, optimized site speed 


The free version has full analytics capabilities. For the 360 version, the pricing range starts from $150K a year for enterprise-class tools and support 

13. Whatagraph

Whatagraph tool


It offers interactive visual data reporting, custom dashboards, real-time data feeds, and pull analytics from 50+ tools including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and much more.


For the 360 version, the pricing range starts from $ 14 per month for basic reports for one user, Teams $49 per month for team usage and collabs, Business $199 per month adds white label/embedding capabilities


Managing social media marketing effectively in 2024 requires utilizing a robust toolkit catered to both day-to-day posting and optimization, as well as pulling insights through in-depth analytics with the best social media tools. All-in-one platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social offer powerhouse control centers for organizing the entire content calendar across platforms, while Buffer provides its spin on scheduling efficiency with the best social media tools.

For digging into performance data, Iconosquare, Social Status, and Rival IQ reveal campaign results and tactical recommendations tailored to Instagram, broad social listening, and competitor analysis respectively. Tools like BuzzSumo, Keyhole, and Talkwalker give brands full visibility on engagement rates, influencer tracking, and optimized listening with the best social media tools. Platform exclusives like TweetDeck for Twitter lend an extra edge.

Getting creative with impactful social content is simpler than ever using AI-based tools like Canva, Recite and Over that handle design, video creation, copywriting, and more. Loom and Wistia specialize in highly engaging video hosting and optimization.

No brand toolkit is complete without providing the means to unify profiles and events. Linktree centralizes the all-important profile links. Event marketing leaders like GEVME, Hopin, and Cvent offer robust virtual venue setups combined with attendee engagement insights.

The only constant in social media is rapidly evolving changes. By proactively leveraging the most innovative SaaS platforms available today brands can confidently develop future-proof strategies while saving substantial time, effort, and human resources. The combination of automation and actionable data insights provided in one integrated view allows for excellence in execution.