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Local Business Directory List – Top 15 Local Business Directories

As a local company, bringing customers, in today’s technology driven world, you need to get your company listed in all the major online business directories. Many of these directories are well known websites like Facebook, Google and Yelp. 

Many small business owners recognize the significance of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, but they fail to recognize the importance of the popular local online profile websites. We’ve put together a full local business directory list to get your started.

Having your business listed on as many online local directories as possible is the best method to make sure your business is visible in as many search results as it can be, especially in local searches. That’s why we found it so important to share our local business directory list with you.

Additionally, having your business listed, using the same information across the Internet, on many different local business listing websites helps search engines confidently show your profiles more often for keyword searches related to your products or solutions in your geographic service areas.

This increases the visibility of your own profiles across websites and your own website in searches across multiple search engines for local and mobile search queries.

There’s more to simply listing your business on each of the websites in our local business directory list, however. Make sure you follow the checklist below to make sure your listings work as effectively as possible and create the largest amount of reach for local and mobile internet searches:

  • Consistent NAP: Make sure that your business’s Name, Address & Phone number is exactly the same on each profile and on your own website.
  • Detailed Business Description Let your company shine with a great business description that really sells your products or services and shows off your brand’s personality.
  • Connect to Your Website: The best part about being listed on local internet profile websites is that they link to your own website. These profiles are targeted and have the capability to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. Local listings are mostly used in local and mobile searches, so make certain your site is mobile-friendly or you could be losing traffic fast.
  • Claim Your Listing: Some local search engines allow a user to claim their profile through a short verification procedure. Claiming a profile can increase the reach of your profile immensely. Once you claim it, you can correct any misinformation and full build it out.
  • Secondary Business Advice: Over 30 percent of all local searches are for your own phone number, address, or even hours of operation of a small business.
  • Add Pictures & Videos: Media like videos and photos have a higher conversion rate than standard text. Make sure you take the time to upload images and videos to your profiles.
  • Client Reviews: Reviews deliver signals of confidence to search engines and increase engagement from customers. You should always encourage clients to leave reviews of your business and respond to all those testimonials when possible.

Our Local Business Directory List – Top 15 Business Directory Websites

Ready to get your company listed in the most ideal search engines and directories that matter? Here’s our local business directory list and the top 15 places you can list your company and website on for free! 

  1. Google My Business

The king of online citations is Google. From their website:”Google My Business connects you with customers, if they’re looking for you on Search or Maps” This is definitely the most important profile in this blog post, so concentrate on creating a well optimized business page, and complete the profile as much as you can. Adding as many good client reviews from high quality Google consumer profiles, will surely influence the worth this citation passes to your domain.

2. Bing Places

If Google is considered the king of search engine, Bing is the prince. Bing is up and coming and deserving of attention from sellers and companies. To get started with a company profile on Bing, click the large Get Started button and choose the region for your company. Next look for your organization by address or phone, if it’s not in the current directory, proceed to put in the info. Just take the time to write out the business description on Bing so it is different than the description on Google, as this will offer the maximum value from these two top level citations.

3. Yelp

Yelp is one of the greatest review sites online and may have a dramatic impact on websites and businesses, especially in the hospitality and travel sectors. You can create a comprehensive profile on Yelp, but it is more important to get favorable reviews from active Yelp members consistently. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to participate in the Yelp community. Some ways to do this can be by reviewing fellow regional companies that you do business with, and reviewing product lines your company uses (the good and the bad of it).

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top expert company social media and directory site in the world. Why should your company be on LinkedIn? This is a premium excellent citation which can be constructed into a powerhouse of link authority and also traffic to your website. In partnership with the business listing on LinkedIn, you need to consider establishing the profiles of each important person in your organization, linking the profiles to your business profile.

5. YellowPages.com

Yellow Pages (YP) is the one we are all familiar because of the large directory books that used to be dropped off on your front door in a plastic bag. The YP directory is really great for the free listing, just be sure that you fill it out completely. They try to upsell a variety of services, but really the free listing is typically what most small businesses will need.

6. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a good small business directory which has a few of the very detailed business data offered in one area. A few of the points of interest is it will show how many employees and approximately how much revenue a business takes in per year, and other data that can be useful. For their business directory, just fill in your profile as much as you can up front. Later after the profile has indexed, it’s a good idea to return, log in, and add some content to the feed. This can be simply a one sentence chunk to your link in your site.

7. Yellowbook

Yellowbook is another directory listing service which arrives from the old publication days to the digital world, trying to give something different, but is just like the others. No need to spend much time here, fill out the profile as whole and correctly as possible. When possible, getting some reviews on this profile can help it to maximize its exposure in search results and pass more authority to your domain name, which will increase organic search results.

8.  WallClassifieds

What I enjoy about WallClassifieds is they cover a high number of categories so that every business fits into the perfect location. This makes the user experience more pleasant and engaging for its sites’ traffic too.

9. Whitepages

White Pages is basically a knock off of yellowish pages, but does possess a personal directory part as well, I’m certain as a hark back to the telephone book times which had white pages for people and yellow pages for companies. Do not be concerned about spending too much time here, simply make the profile info accurate and the same as all the other profiles. 

10. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime is just another must submit company site. Certain other business listing websites tend to begin charging after they become more popular; however, the FreeAdsTime has gone beyond the expectations by including the word free in its own domain . This is to ensure that they remain to offer the business list for free for a long time to come.

12. Referral Key

Referral Key is a community for business owners that wish to send or network referrals to other business owners. It is not a very common network and it isn’t certain whether anybody really gets any business on it. One thing you can rely on however is that a backlink to your site. Considering that the Referral Key site was set up in 2007, that site profile will add some value to your site. Give it a whirl!

13. FinderMaster

As its name implies, it is a master of finding companies and services. They cover a broad selection of classes and regions. The entire procedure of submitting an advertisement as well as discovering items are simplified in a couple of steps. All postings could be done for free and they provide you with the choice of featuring your ad for a little volume.

14. Local.com

Local.com is a superb citation because of its size along with also the title of this URL that will pass good ability to your own domain. The three step registration process is a little lengthy but not too bad. Complete the profile as complete as you can. Set your organization address to display if you do not mind customers stopping by where you are. It also helps potential customers discover new areas with recommendations in the neighborhood.

15. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a network for experts, millions of clients use Thumbtack technology to find and hire small businesses throughout the US.

You’ve got lots of homework to do now to help improve your website’s local search presence and visibility in search results. We hope you found our local business directory list helpful. Get to creating those directory listings!