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How to Advertise Your HVAC Business

We know that, as an HVAC business owner, you play many different roles. Not only do you oversee the entire business, you could also be doing the jobs of the office manager, the staff manager, and the marketing manager. With so many different roles dividing your attention, marketing probably isn’t your first priority. However, how strong your HVAC marketing plan is directly affects how many customers you bring in. So what’s the best way to approach an HVAC marketing plan? Let’s talk about how to advertise your HVAC business.

Digital Marketing for HVAC Business

By now, you hopefully know that online marketing strategies are fundamental to your HVAC marketing plan. Digital marketing is how you really build your online presence. However, there are a whole lot of components to a strong digital marketing plan for HVAC businesses. Gone are the days when a website alone is enough. No doubt you’ve heard some of the terms that digital marketing agencies use, buzzwords such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. But where do you actually start?

Keyword Research for HVAC SEO

This is your starting point. Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the foundation of all of your HVAC marketing strategies. SEO relies heavily on keywords, which are the terms for which people search when they’re looking for something on the internet. In other words, these are the words people type into a search engine such as Google in order to find what they’re looking for. You need to use keywords that are relevant to the HVAC industry if you want your business to rank on the first page of a search engine. However, before you can optimize your keywords, you need to figure out which keywords are most important. As an HVAC company, your keywords should primarily focus on your services and your products. Time to do some research!

HVAC SEO Keywords

If you were looking for HVAC services, what words or phrases are you likely to use to search for a company? Terms such as “HVAC installation”, HVAC maintenance”, “AC repair”, HVAC companies, and “heating and cooling companies” would be at the top of my list. These are examples of keywords and keyword phrases. HVAC SEO uses keywords and keyword phrases to tell search engines that your business is relevant when people search for term related to the HVAC industry.

Local HVAC SEO Keywords

Most people who are searching for HVAC companies are looking for HVAC services near them. This means that having local HVAC SEO is really important. Think about it. Let’s say I’m looking for a restaurant. I’m probably going to search for “restaurant near me” or “restaurant in Charlotte”. Most of your keywords can be localized. Here are some examples of local HVAC SEO.
• Charlotte AC Repair
• AC Repair in Charlotte, NC
• HVAC Maintenance in Charlotte
• HVAC Installation in Charlotte, NC
By using local HVAC SEO, search engines will recognize that your website fits the criteria for being listed in the results when people search for an HVAC business near them.

Content Marketing for HVAC Business

Content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of online content. The ultimate goal of content marketing for HVAC businesses is to highlight and promote information regarding your HVAC products and HVAC services. Types of content include blogs, social media posts, and videos. Content marketing is generally more cost-effective than traditional marketing, and it’s more likely to increase your sales than traditional marketing because you can simply reach more people more quickly online.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for HVAC Business

Content for the sake of content, while it might initially attract some attention, ultimately won’t be effective. Content development should be considered a strategic activity. It needs to complement the other components of your HVAC marketing plan. If your other tactics are driving traffic to your website, then you need good and relevant content to keep that traffic engaged. If your content isn’t relevant to your potential leads, those readers will quickly leave your website and click on something else, mostly likely one of your competitors. All of this means that you should view your content as a strategic asset for engaging readers.

While content marketing for HVAC businesses is definitely different than more traditional approaches to HVAC marketing. It helps you build stronger relationships with your potential customers, creates consistent brand awareness and loyalty, and sets your business apart from your competitors as a trusted HVAC industry authority.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing for HVAC Business

Pay-per-click advertising, usually referred to as PPC advertising, is a method through which businesses can display ads for their services or product online. When people search for specific keywords or phrases relevant to your HVAC products or HVAC services, then your ad is displayed at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).You are only charged when a user clicks on your ad.

Google Adwords is probably the most common PPC platform. Advertisers bid on keywords, so if you pay more for your keywords, then you have a better chance of your ads being displayed more prominently than your competitors’ ads. Google uses very specific algorithms to determine which ads are valid and relevant.

How Does PPC Marketing for HVAC Business Work?

Yeah, PPC advertising is actually relatively complicated. Even if you decide to hire an HVAC PPC expert, it will still help if you understand the basics.

HVAC PPC Campaigns

Developing a HVAC PPC campaign is the first step. An HVAC PPC campaign is comprised of a variety of ad groups that relate to a specific HVAC marketing strategy. For example, you could implement a winter weather campaign during the autumn and winter months, encouraging people to make sure their heating system maintenance is up to date or encouraging them to get new furnaces.

HVAC PPC Ad Groups

An HVAC PPC Ad Group is a group of ads that relate to a specific HVAC PPC campaign. For our winter weather campaign example, an ad group would be either the new furnace ads or the HVAC maintenance ads.

HVAC PPC Keywords

Your ad group needs to be associated with specific keywords so the PPC platform that you’re using (Google AdWords) knows where to display your HVAC business ads. For our winter weather example, you could use “HVAC maintenance” as a keyword for one ad group and “furnace repair” as a keyword for the other ad group.

Obviously, your HVAC PPC ad can’t just be keywords. You do still have to have ad copy. Just make sure that your verbiage is related to your keywords.

Landing Pages for HVAC PPC Campaigns

A landing page is the final component of your HVAC PPC campaign. When people click on your ad, they have to be directed somewhere. Best practice dictates that they be directed to a landing page. Your landing page should be specific to your HVAC PPC campaign, meaning the verbiage on the landing page should be consistent with your ad text and relevant to the ad group keywords.

Social Media Marketing for HVAC Business

Social media marketing is part of any good HVAC marketing strategy. It’s an easy method for HVAC companies to increase brand awareness, brand credibility, customer engagement, brand loyality. You create and share content that’s related to your HVAC business on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It includes a variety of activities, such as posting blog posts and sharing them on your social media platforms. It also includes sharing other content, such as photos, videos, and infographics. You can run all sorts of social media marketing campaigns for HVAC businesses. Plus, most platforms now allow sponsored advertisements and options to boost posts.

Once you understand and develop your HVAC content marketing strategy and your HVAC SEO strategies, you can start building a strong social media presence. However, in order to effectively implement an HVAC social media strategy, you need to understand some of the basics of social media marketing for HVAC companies.

Just like you did for HVAC SEO keywords, you’ll need to start by doing some research. You need to identify your target audience, meaning that you need to figure out who your customers are. Once you figure out who your target audience is, review their content to learn what they value, what’s most important to them. Once you’ve established the type of content that your target audience is looking at, then you can tailor your own content to suit their needs.

It’s also wise to look at what your competitors are doing on social media. Check out which platforms they’re using, what type of content they’re posting, and how often they post their content.

It’s very important to remember that your content needs to be brand focused, meaning relevant to your HVAC industry and your company culture. Many HVAC businesses fall into the trap of postinga haphazard mix of anything and everything that applies to the HVAC industry. Don’t make that mistake. Keep your content focused and relevant to the most important aspects of your HVAC business. Remember that having quality content is better than having a lot of random content.

Email Marketing for HVAC Business

Email marketing is a method for contacting potential customers directly. You send emails to targeted audiences of both previous and potential customers in order to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships. Email marketing for HVAC companies is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and create customer loyality. Generally, the benefit of email marketing that appeals the most to our clients is that it’s incredibly cost effective.

Benefits of Email Marketing for HVAC Business

With traditional direct mailing, you really have no way to measure how effective your advertisements are. However, with email campaigns you get measurable results. That means that you have measurable data that can help you improve the efficacy of your HVAC email marketing strategy. With an effective HVAC email marketing strategy, you no longer need to send direct mailers, place print ads, or air television commercials. At the very least, you could spend far less on those traditional marketing tactics.

Final Thoughts

While most HVAC companies still use traditional marketing tactics, it has become more and more important for HVAC companies to implement strong digital marketing strategies. The benefits of digital marketing strategies for HVAC companies are many, and it is well worth the effort. That being said, development and implementation of a strong digital marketing strategy for HVAC companies does require a lot of effort. Given that most HVAC business owners are busy running their businesses, it is a good idea to hire someone to oversee your digital marketing plan. If you don’t want to hire a full time employee, the consider hiring a top HVAC digital marketing agency.