The Importance of Finding Your Target Audience Niche

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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So you plan to set up your own business. More than knowing the mission and vision, you should know what market you plan to serve, and who the target audience is for your products or services.

Of course, not everyone will buy your product, so finding a niche in the market to sell your products is important. A niche in business is defined as a particular group that is likely to avail of your products and services.

In this field, the two most important pillars that you have to connect are the customer and the product. With these two connected in an infinite loop of buying and selling, you will have a prosperous business. Here are tips to determine your niche to start with:

Determine who your customers are

When finding out who you will be serving using your services or products, it helps to consider three types of buyers on the market. Customers who are looking at the market for products are likely buyers, and are what are called “leads”. These leads are potential clients, so your goal is to convert leads into actual buyers. The three buyer types on the market include:

1. Unconflicted

These consist of the majority of buyers and are known as the average spender. They normally make logical buying decisions and are concerned about the value of the product they are buying in relation to its price. They often look into reviews and take them to heart before purchasing a product.

2. pendthrifts

Spendthrifts are very few and usually do not control themselves when invested in a product. This is fueled by a want for products ASAP, and the interest in premium products regardless of their prices. They often have expendable sources of cash and can shell out money for things they want as long as they get them as quickly as possible.

3. Tightwads

These are a slightly larger group of buyers who take caution in their purchases due to being careful with money. Convincing this buyer to purchase a product is difficult, but once you gain their interest and trust, they will undoubtedly keep coming back for more. These groups will value extremely good reviews and testimonials, while relying on the interaction your company has with its clients, as well as a well-made and consistently updated webpage.

Knowing these different types of clients, you will be able to see what kinds of clients you plan to target. If you offer goods that are necessities, such as food or drink, you are likely to thrive with unconflicted buyers. If you offer hobby supplies or other products, you might have good luck with spendthrifts because some hobbyists go above and beyond. If you sell specialty goods such as things that have a small following in your area, it may be difficult to sell to any, but play your cards right and you might boom in business.

Determine what your products will be

This may seem trivial or the most basic thing to think of, but trust us when we say that knowing what your product has to offer to the table is important. The aspect of business that draws the line between success and failure in innovation. How is your product different than the more popular option available? Or has your idea been done before?

This will help you determine competition. An example would be if you are selling coffee products, how will your prices compete with not just the prices of the local coffee shops, but their followings as well.

Using SEO tools and strategies can help you put your product at the top of search engine results pages, so once you determine a good product and your niche, invest in good SEO services. This will help your business generate clients and potential conversions from leads to buyers.


Finding your niche is extremely important in business, as it determines your success and prosperity when it drags on. When you are able to tailor fit a product to serve a specific niche and find ways to continue to innovate, you will be able to sustain consistent growth and amass a following.

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