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What are the benefits of medical spa SEO services?

Achieving the number one position in local search results for keywords such as “med spa near me,” “Lip filler removal near me,” and “skin treatment near me” holds huge power that is the direct pathway of organic traffic secure and outcome for medical spas. The top three search outcomes on the Search engine are more than 50% of clicks, so it is a difficult task to get high rankings for these invaluable keywords to attract a large number of organic traffic and catch new patient appointments. Specifically, where medical spa SEO holds an important role. In the world of the internet, patients tend to look on the internet to find cures and solutions for their medical needs. It is important to mainly focus on enhancing your search rankings because the competition is getting high across the market and everyone is doing the same.


of users turn to search engines when in need of Med Spa.


of users use non-branded terms when searching for Med Services.

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What is Medical Spa SEO?

Medical spa SEO is the most famous search engine optimization specially designed for medical spas. It necessitates optimizing your website pages to attain a higher rank and permanent positions in search results rankings for specific keywords. This strategy targets to make a straight line, organic traffic to your website without the hassle and cost of paid advertisements.

The practice of SEO for med spas is characterized by various approaches that include multifaceted elements of both on-page SEO implemented on your website and SEO about external factors. These external factors include Google My Business, citations, reviews, and more.

Medical Spa SEO Case Study

We have started a well-structured medical spa marketing strategy for Truffles Medispa, a highlighted medical suppliers provider position in the top 250 in the US. This campaign exploits the potential of medical spa SEO, med spa paid advertising, and skills in social media efforts to expand their revenue of new customers and potentially initiate their original geographical location. You can swell into the complete overview in the case study to initiate the output that consists of a 162% gush in website leads.


Search Engine Optimization

Higher Page Rankings

On Search Engines like Google

Increased Traffic

To your website

Increased ROI

Return On Investment

How to Do SEO for Medical Spas

The pathway of Med Spa SEO is a delusional process that needs a lot of patience, experience, and a remarkable approach to boost your innovative website and achieve a significant position in the results of search engines, specifically on Google My Business. Effectively, we have detailed information on the most efficient medical spa SEO working skills that we can work on and enhance our medical spa marketing strategies and initiatives for our customers. Imposing these top-notch search engine optimization skills and professional techniques has secured outspoken revenues for our medical spas. This is the most enhancing featured evidence proved by our case studies. By holding to these techniques and with consistent efforts, you can witness powerful growth in your website engaging traffic, and a large number of valuable potential patient appointments.

Recent Client Wins

  • Fastest Growth

    3x organic traffic increase for an employment law firm in LA, SF, and NYC

  • 20+ new clients

    20+ new clients per month for a divorce law firm in Houston, Texas

  • 60% increase

    60% increase in new cases in just 6 months for a personal injury law firm in California

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What is On Page Medical Spa SEO?

The foundation of medical spa SEO depends on your website. The foundation is mainly concerned with its structure and content. This key is mostly taken as an on-page search engine optimization. These are the significant key points that are under our control that we can apply and implement on your medical spa website. It works best for Google’s best practices and ranks ourselves with our desired targeted keywords. In the given context, we have listed several key actions to boost the SEO performance of your innovative website pages

How Individual Pages for Each Treatment?

As our CEO, Justin Knott, said, “If you want to achieve a high rank, you must dedicate a page to it.” In context, it is required to create distinct and significant pages that are dedicated to treatment individually and the medical condition you target to secure a local search ranking. For example, if your main desired target is to boost the ranking of “cool sculpting treatment in Austin, TX”. This is very important to construct a well-structured treatment page that is specifically designed and manufactured for Coolsculpting. This facilitates us as the initial and basic step in the landscape of medical spa SEO. Without such innovative pages, significant competitors in search rankings become a difficult challenge that can be achieved.

Why Keyword in Title Tag, H Tags & Body?

For instance, the most important ranking key points for each treatment page is the structure of your primary keyword that plays a key role are these factors such as the title tag, h tags, and body content of the page. We also highly recommend incorporating the local city within these areas. As such, take the example of “Dermaplaning Services in Orlando, FL.”. This structure holds the considerate keyword with the city, offering Google a dedicated and significant context related to the page’s content and the location where these services are available.

Word Count and FAQs

There is a high level of competition for your selected keyword or geographical area that directly affects the amount of effort that is needed within your medical spa SEO strategy. This strategy is used to get high ranks in local search results. Ultimately, these factors such as page length and content depth are extremely important. A complete guideline to follow is to keep in mind that the more impressive and competitive the keyword is, the more well-constructed the page’s content should be. We advise using a minimum of 500 words for pages and according to the increasing threshold. In the context of blog posts for our medical spa customers, we can assist you with 1,000 words or more. It’s mainly recommended to put a highly experienced medical content writer and conduct thorough keyword research beforehand. In addition, a highly efficient strategy to expand the innovative and experienced content on your treatment pages and to get a higher ranking for long-suffering search queries. This is to inquire more about frequently asked questions (FAQs) that patients mostly ask at your medical spa.

What is Google My Business Optimization?

The main key to your off-site medical SEO strategy get going with your Google My Business listing. This platform implements influence on local search results and brings into play the most powerful impact on online traffic and rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs). As a great revenue, it gives time and effort to enhance your medical spa’s Google My Business profile. This plays a fundamental role and a vitally important key factor in a successful search engine optimization strategy.

What is Google My Business for Med Spa SEO Tips?

Assert & Check Location Listing

Go to Info Tab and complete Add Information

Choose the most favorable primary category (Medical Spa)

Add Different Photos

Consolidate the GMB Map on the website

Enhance new client testimonials on your GMB

What defines an SEO agency?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency is a service provider that facilitates a huge range of services. These services consist of content creation, technical enhancement, inbound link building, influencer outstrip, and other skills focused on lifting their clients to get the top rank on Google’s top page. We can make this come true to get an average #1 ranking for CBD keywords with comparable competition for a six-month.

Answer to your Questions

Tips for Generating New Reviews

Our Integrated Approach

Generating Reviews for Med Spas

The reputation and reviews associated with your medical spa play a dual role of utmost significance. Not only do they play a pivotal role in attracting new patients (with 80% of potential patients reviewing feedback before booking appointments), but they also wield a direct influence on the local search rankings of your practice. How exactly does the generation of new reviews positively impact the SEO of your medical spa? The evidence is evident in the screenshot provided.

The two leading Google My Business search results for “lip fillers near me” both exhibit reviews where the text “lip fillers” is highlighted in bold. This phenomenon occurs because Google’s algorithm not only identifies profiles with the highest volume of reviews but also discerns contextual keywords mentioned within these reviews. Such keywords serve as strong indicators that significantly correlate with higher search rankings.

Schema Data

Content Marketing for Med Spas

High-quality content reigns supreme in your on-site medical spa SEO strategy, as emphasized earlier regarding the significance of dedicated treatment pages. However, taking an additional step by maintaining an active blog yields substantial benefits. It not only enhances the rankings of those treatment pages but also provides you with the opportunity to target a multitude of “long-tail keywords.” These typically take the form of question-based keyword strings that users search for on Google, such as “what is the Mona Lisa Touch procedure?”

For instance, we authored a blog post on precisely that topic for a client, and the outcome was remarkable. We achieved top 3 national keyword rankings for that specific keyword, resulting in thousands of monthly website visitors. This exemplifies the formidable potential of medical spa SEO!

Medical Spa SEO Services

At Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, we provide an extensive array of specialized medical spa SEO services designed to assist your medical spa in attaining the top-ranking position for the services you offer within your geographical region.

Our offerings extend far beyond what has been previously discussed, encompassing a comprehensive suite of advanced SEO services exclusively tailored for medical spas. These services consistently yield substantial victories for our medical spa clientele. Our track record demonstrates the effectiveness of our medical spa SEO services, consistently propelling our clients above their competition. Our ultimate objective is to connect you with the ideal audience, enabling you to attract more of the lucrative procedures and appointments that are vital for the growth of your practice.

Local Medical Spa SEO with Location Pages

For multi-location medical spas, individual pages dedicated to each location are equally vital, complementing the significance of condition and treatment pages. These location-specific pages serve as the means through which you target the distinct geographic search radius surrounding each practice site, aiming to secure top positions in local search results. They are particularly instrumental in ensuring visibility in searches such as “med spa near me” for each city where you operate.

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