5 Steps to Write Compelling Copy for Your HVAC Website

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Learning how to advertise your HVAC business often isn’t a straight and clear-cut path, as it’s not the kind of industry known to go viral on social media. However, investing in your HVAC website design will ensure you adequately communicate your brand, connect with your customers, and appeal to your target audience.

Your website is one of your business’s most critical assets, as it’s the most reliable source of information your potential customers can use to get to know you. It’s also a fantastic way to educate and entertain your target market and convince them to do business with you instead of your competitor. However, to do that, you’ll need to come up with a compelling website copy. Here are five steps to help you get started:

Work on Your Copy Deck

Everyone will need HVAC services at some point, but the goal of your website copy is to convince them to call you for help instead of other companies. As such, you’ll need to work on creating a message that will resonate with your audience. Think about their interests, preferences, and common problems that you’re primed to solve. Incorporate that into your copy deck, edit it, and share it with your stakeholders for feedback. Once you’re done, make sure to save and rename it, then organize your website copy for easier reference when you get around to uploading it.

Stick to a Word Count

Brevity is best, so make sure that you don’t ramble in your website copy, as this can quickly turn people off. You’ll also want to make sure that your copy deck can fit appropriately on the webpage, which you can determine by referencing the template or wireframe into which the copy will fit.

Some web designers and UX specialists use placement text when wireframing, which is known as “lorem ipsum,” “FPO (for placement only) text,” or “greeking.” It demonstrates how the copy will appear on the page, giving the copywriter an idea of how much they should write. 

Use Keywords

If you’ve learned how to advertise your HVAC business, then you’ve likely encountered keywords at some point. These are practical terms that you’ll need to incorporate into your copy to ensure that search engines find you, rank you well, and help your target audience click on your page. However, it’s important not to force keywords into your messaging, as search engines will know that you’re trying to stuff it in for SEO purposes. Instead, integrate them naturally. Use your primary keyword in the page header and body copy and ensure that they’re relevant to what you’re writing about to have a better chance of ranking higher. You can add more keywords in your subheadings. For instance, if you’ll want to include something like “HVAC repair” in your page header and body copy, then incorporate “furnace installation and repair” somewhere in your subheadings.

Prioritize Substance Over Style

It can be tempting to want to wow your potential readers with creative wording and flashy sentences, but if it ultimately dilutes your message, you’ll want to take a step back. Focusing on what you wish to say should take precedence over wondering how to say it, as you’ll have an easier time organizing your thoughts and writing the appropriate copy. When people browse for HVAC services, they don’t care for ornate words or sentences; they just want to find a reliable company to fix their heating and cooling issues for them right away. Keep that in mind as you write, and the rest will flow.

Get Feedback

Now that you have a draft of your copy deck, make sure to show it to your stakeholders. They’ll offer you valuable feedback that will transform your copy deck and make it ready to launch. They’ll also let you know of any awkward sentences, typos, or grammatical errors that can affect your audience’s perception of your copy. After incorporating their input, finalize your copy deck, and you’re ready to upload it!


Writing website copy isn’t as easy as people think; it’s a long process with the ultimate goal of attracting potential clients and converting them into customers. By following these steps, your HVAC digital marketing will go a long way from what it used to be, drawing organic traffic and improving your company’s visibility.

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