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3 Ways Email Marketing Automation Can Boost Client Engagement for Your Business

Modern businesses know that digital solutions are the key to establishing a stronghold in this internet-driven landscape. It’s prime time to get your head in the clouds and embrace different digital marketing forms to address your unique goals. 

For brands getting a steady stream of traffic from your social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and other campaigns, this means you have a growing pool of potential customers. While that’s a significant objective you can check off your list, it’s only half the battle. This begs the question: what’s the next step for your customers after piquing their interest?

The gap between the number of clicks and conversions can be wide, even with an impressive marketing strategy. With that in mind, automating your email marketing proves to be a channel that can fill the holes by promoting a fluid buyer’s journey. 

How Can Email Marketing Automation Improve Customer Engagement?

Benefit #1: Automated Email Marketing Can Engage Customers Instantly by Sending Welcoming Messages 

For customers who are curious about your product or services, they may take a few steps to get to know your brand more by signing up for your newsletter. If that’s the case, you can further capture their interest by sending an automated welcome message to make the person feel special. 

It’s a cost-effective way to acknowledge your new subscriber and make an excellent first impression, both of which can increase the chances of building a stronger momentum. When done right, the automated email can be the push a customer needs to take your offer. 

Benefit #2: Automated Email Marketing Can Improve Customer Satisfaction by Letting Them Have Control 

Sending the same welcome message to many new customers can be a straightforward process, but automation comes in handy once you need to segment the emails according to your customers’ communication preferences.

Not all clients will appreciate getting a blast of promotional emails weekly, but others would love to get in on the loop with your updates. Setting up a feature that gives your customers the freedom to choose their email preferences can tailor and improve the customer experience by a significant margin.

Benefit #3: Automated Email Marketing Can Integrate Click-to-Call CTAs for a Stronger Impression 

Many people think that email marketing is a one-way communication channel, but modern technology makes it possible to open more lines to provide a unique customer experience. For example, you can bump the conversion rate by giving a click-to-call CTA button to simplify the buying process.

A customer interested in purchasing your products or services may find this highly helpful, especially since they no longer need to search for your contact details on your website. 

The Bottom Line: The Power of Email Marketing Automation in Enhancing the Customer Experience and Engagement

Email marketing is the end-game that connects all your marketing efforts, allowing you to reach higher ROIs and deepen your brand awareness with new leads, customers, or returning buyers. 

It offers an opportunity to gain meaningful customer data and learn more about their unique touchpoints, making this channel relevant as ever this 2020. 

Seeing how supercharging your email marketing strategy can deliver game-changing results for your bottom line, dedicating your resources to improve it is a tactical move that strives to enhance your client engagement. 

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