What’s the Secret to Climbing the SERP Rankings as an HVAC Company?

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Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Even established companies with 30 years in the business and a loyal customer base can’t seem to crack the code when it comes to getting a better Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) ranking. This collective frustration is a feeling that HVAC companies, both young and old, experience.

Marketers attempt to interpret how Google’s web crawlers rate what companies are desirable and which ones aren’t. In terms of algorithm, the core principles of SEO ranking is simply math on who ranks better than the other. However, it’s necessary to know if the problem of your SEO ranking is with Google or with your SEO management.

“Why is it hard for HVAC companies to gain better SERP rankings?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear reason for an HVAC company to struggle to perform well, even with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Google makes use of several factors to determine any web page’s SERP ranking, which is why it can be challenging to pinpoint which marketing efforts require improvement. Thankfully enough, similar to other online businesses, SEO for HVAC companies have particular strategies that work better for their industry.

“How can my HVAC company get a high SEO ranking?”

Your content dictates how well Google can interpret what your business is, whether it’s a laundromat, a school, a hospital, or an HVAC company. Google’s AI does this by crawling your website to see the services that you offer and the target demographic that you’re marketing to.

Off-page optimization is also a factor that Google interprets about your business. Trust signals such as citations and backlinks can help in improving your site’s credibility. Web crawlers index companies’ websites based on the type of information that relates to consumers, depending on local online queries. Google then reviews how well you can articulate these data and gives you an objective ranking based on your SEO.

The better your company’s SEO is, the more chances it has in being ranked by Google. The trick to getting better SERP rankings is by optimizing your content with the right amount of trust signals with the right sources.

“How do I build trust and credibility for my company?”

The question now comes on how your HVAC company can build trust through digital platforms. The most obvious answer is through reviews and testimonials. Your HVAC company’s reputation online plays an integral role in how Google considers your brand as a reliable service. The positive responses of your customers through third-party review services such as Yelp, Google My Business listings, or even social media page rankings all contribute to a broader online reach.

“What other ways can improve my company’s credibility?”

It can be harder for startups to build up positive testimonials if they haven’t been in service for a long time. Besides reviews, you can also invest in other trust signals that can make your brand look appealing both to search engine web crawlers and actual potential customers.

Official certification improves your credibility, especially if you’re a local service. You should consider investing in creating content that reveals your expertise and experience in the field. You can do this through instructional blog posts or informative thought pieces on changes and advancements in the HVAC industry.


SEO is a long-term strategy that all businesses should invest in, regardless of how long they’ve been in service. The opportunity for growth and expansion is an advantage that business owners need to adapt to, especially in dealing with modern consumers who are more invested in digital platforms.

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