The Ultimate 2019 LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

linkedin marketing strategy
Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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linkedin marketing strategy

Has your LinkedIn strategy fallen short?

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers think LinkedIn is the best place to attract leads? Did you also realize B2B companies generate at least 80% of their social leads through LinkedIn?

How do your statistics stand up against these?

If they fall short, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for heaps of recommendations to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy in 2019, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout this article, we offer bite-size techniques and LinkedIn marketing hacks. They’ll boost your connection to your audience and get you more leads. Take what’s new. Use what works for you.

If you’re ready to improve your stats to match those of the leading B2B marketers, read on.

Make a Stand Out Profile

One of the most important LinkedIn marketing hacks is having a great LinkedIn profile!

After all, when people Google your name, your LinkedIn page will likely be one of the first search results they see. Don’t squander your chances.

Let’s get into some of the tips for making yourself stand out.

Complete Your Profile

If you want to succeed in networking with others and mastering using LinkedIn, your profile should be as complete as possible.

What does that mean for you? Fill out every single section – even the ones that may seem nuanced.

Choose the Perfect Photo

Photos tell a thousand words, and that’s no exception when it comes to your LinkedIn profile.

You want one that’s clear, simple, and professional. If you’re not sure what that looks like in your industry, take a look at your competition.

Customize Your URL

It’s easy, but it’s often overlooked. You have the option to customize your URL. Just click the “edit” button on the edit profile screen. Specify the new address and click set.

You’re going to want to go with some kind of variation of your name.

Write a Killer Headline

Just like the title of a blog post, this is where you want to hook people in. Highlight your expertise and specialties, and make it unique! People want to know the person behind the smiling photo.

Create Long Content

In 2017, BuzzSumo performed an analysis of LinkedIn articles. They found a few noteworthy items.

To start, articles posted on LinkedIn are on the rise. In 2014, users published 1,000 articles per month. In 2015, that number soared to 80,000. By 2016, it was up to 130,000.

And the number continues to rise.

How does that affect you? It should shape your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy in two way. First, the continued escalation of articles is a sign they’re working.

Nowadays marketers are quick to analyze their strategies. If it doesn’t work, they throw it out and hunt for something else. If it does, they double down on it.

LinkedIn articles are up because they doubled down.

Listen to the stats from the latest social media marketing report. 55% of respondents plan to increase their LinkedIn posting activities over the next year. 68% of B2B marketers and 48% of B2C marketers plan to increase their posting frequency.

So increase the number of your posts.

Next, BuzzSumo learned that the most shared posts were between 1,000 to 3,000 words long. Of those posts studied, 87% were less than 1,000 words.

Image Source: “LinkedIn: The Heavyweight of B2B Content Marketing” (BuzzSumo, 2015)

Stand out. Create the likelihood your posts are among those most shared. Increase the length of your posts. Shoot for between 1,000 to 3,000 words.

The best-performing articles focused on one or more of the following: Practice, professional, personal, point (towards past experiences), portraying (a path for a change).

LinkedIn is the primary platform for these topics. It’s no wonder then that users desire that type of content. To skyrocket your scores, focus your long-form content on your specialties. Personalize it.

Focus your content on the 5 P’s.

We recommend you create at least 5-10 published posts that link back to your website. Commit to building at least 2 per month for your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

They say one conversion requires at least ten pieces of content. Ask yourself, how many more leads do you need? Now calculate how many articles you need to produce.

Buff up Your Website’s Blog

Another option to consider is your business website’s blog. In 2019, blogging is essential for your site. As you create incredible content, you’ll need to get it out to your audience via social media platforms.

It’s still worthwhile to focus on long-form content. Rather than posting something separate on LinkedIn, offer viewers brief bits of content.

You’re thinking, but you just said the opposite of that in the last section!

Yes, and no.

The trick is to link those brief bits of content back to the full articles on your blog. LinkedIn users will still share your content as often. They’ll be linking back to your business blog instead.

(Be sure to include catchy, best SEO headlines and eye-popping images. Don’t skimp out when you create your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.)

Decide which marketing strategy works best for you. Where do you want visitors to go? Your LinkedIn profile, or your website?

Post at the Right Time

Take a page from the book of master email marketers. Send out your emails and post your articles in all of your social media platforms at times you’ll reach most readers. According to research by the Hootsuite social team, the best times to post content are:

Monday to Thursday at 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m.

Post Videos

LinkedIn finally jumped on the bandwagon. In 2017, LinkedIn finally opened its platform up to video content.

A broad shift in how consumers ingest content has been happening since early 2000. Now it’s huge. In 2018, 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube for product marketing purposes. Only 68% use Facebook.

It’s the content medium of choice. Start including it as part of your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

Pro-Tip: The video player isn’t as advanced as those on other platforms, so don’t expect the same variety of functions.

Conference Frames

In October 2017, LinkedIn released conference frames. You can use them to brand images and videos at your industry events.

Events attendees want to showcase their attendance on their social networks. It lets brands promote their functions to show people what’s happening, who’s attending, etc.

It’s an excellent opportunity to for you to connect yourself to a brand, or link your brand to conferences and attendees.

It’s worth noting that it isn’t open to all conference organizers yet, but the technology is improving. Jump on now, and be a guru before the tech is widely used.


If you’ve been at the marketing game for a while, you know the importance of concrete, reliable feedback. It’s critical. The only way you can know for sure which parts of your campaign work and which don’t is by looking at the results.

Metrics are also the means by which to fine-tune your website, your posts, and your ads.

In July of 2017, LinkedIn created a tool you may not be familiar with: LinkedIn Website Demographics.

The demographics offer you crucial insight into the types of professionals visiting your site. They use LinkedIn data to determine who is who.

Let’s assume that your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy focuses on reaching CEOs. This LinkedIn marketing hacks tool will show you whether you currently receive those visitors to your pages. Then you can improve and refine your tactics.

Keep up with Profile Views

LinkedIn has a fantastic option that allows you to check out who’s viewed your profile (this is one of our favorite LinkedIn hacks). Take advantage of this opportunity for building your networking and online lead generation opportunities.

On a regular basis, check out who’s visited your profile. Commit to reaching out to all those people.

If you’re messaging a current connection of yours, be sure to ask how he or she is doing and what’s new professionally. Drop a quick line asking if there’s anything you can possibly help them with.

If they’re not a current connection of yours, it’s wise to brush up on your researching skills. Are they in your industry? Potential competitor or potential client?

Whatever it is, get the story, and make a definitive choice about reaching out to him or her.

Your message doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply make a note stating that you noticed they were viewing your profile and you were interested in reaching out and building a connection.

LinkedIn Groups

Another way to build connections is through LinkedIn Groups. It’s come a long way from the confusing jumble it used to be.

Now when you open your Groups page, you’ll find curated highlights. They give you a brief glimpse into whether your group is active. Join the conversations that are the most active.

The groups are a great way to connect and interact with like-minded people in your industry of choice. It’s especially useful if you need to perform market research on a particular group of professionals.

You can also use them to learn about the newest hot-button topics in your industry. Share ideas and insights, or ask questions to others in your industry.

Make Sure to Engage in Group Discussions

It’s up to you to become proactive in these organizations.

Many people post questions seeking specific answers or wanting support. You can provide your expertise and begin the building blocks for forming networking relationships.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn has both public and private groups. For public groups, you only need to click the “ask to join” button, and you’ll receive instant access. For private groups, you’ll need to request an invitation from the group moderator to join.

It’s smart to stay active in several different groups. Focus on the ones that are active, and spend time familiarizing yourself with the different content people share and the questions they ask.

Something you definitely want to avoid? Over-promoting yourself! It comes across as spammy and intrusive, and it’s a surefire way for your online lead generation tactics to backfire.

Instead, follow these tips:

  • Ask your own questions
  • Provide insight and answers (when you actually know them)
  • Post relevant articles
  • Make connections after already interacting with someone in the group

Remember, groups, are all about trust and connection. Don’t just come in strong expecting people to want to know your business.

Seek Out Individuals

To build long-term relationships, you need to connect. If your LinkedIn marketing strategy requires an association with a particular business (or type of business), focus on a specific person.

For instance, let’s say your company creates “video walk-throughs” for local real estate companies. You’re opening up a new branch in Austin, TX. When you go hunting for new connections on LinkedIn, spend some time playing around with your search filters.

First, look elsewhere online to find out which real estate companies operate in Austin.

Then narrow your focus in Austin by including those in your search criteria. Next, set your site on one specific individual at that company.

Next, learn as much as you can about that person. Try other social platforms as well as LinkedIn. You want to know as much about them as you can for the next step. Now comes time for the introduction.

Don’t Use a Generic Title

Before blankly sending a cliched hello to a stranger on the Internet, you need to check your intentions. Why are you reaching out to him or her? What are you hoping to obtain?

Then, use that information to tailor your specific subject line. Wouldn’t you be more likely to read a message titled, Loved Your Article? I Have a Question About It versus Thanks for the article?

Introduce Yourself Appropriately

You don’t have to complicate this. In fact, 1-2 sentences max gets the job done. Just don’t assume that any contact knows who you are or wants to click on your profile learn more.

Do yourself (and them) a favor by providing a brief introduction.

Keep It Short & Sweet

People are likely to scan your message at first. Just keep that in mind. Don’t waste time with unnecessary fluff or details.

Instead, focus on your question or solution and create an ability to follow-up with him/her in a concise ending statement.

Move On

Nothing is more annoying than a pushy salesman. If, after two attempts, you don’t get a response, leave the person alone. He or she may not respond to LinkedIn messages or they may not be active on their profile.

Regardless, it’s best practice to just cut your losses and focus on all the other 500 million individuals available to you!

Fun Fact: Among Fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform.

Account Upgrades to Consider

Now that you have all the best LinkedIn marketing hacks at your fingertips, have you considered which type of account you want for yourself? Sure, you can take advantage of all the awesome free tools LinkedIn has to offer. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

From Premium Career to Premium Business to Recruiter Lite, there are plenty of options that can seriously help you achieve your goals.

And, don’t forget LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a dynamic tool that taps into the platform’s massive network to help you build relationships with prospects.

LinkedIn advertises that social selling leaders can expect 45% more opportunities created and 80% increased productivity.

You can request a demo or start a free trial today. See how it works and determines if it’s worth the price. Chances are, you’ll be sold.

Looking Beyond Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Gathering interest and interacting by creating great content gives you the highest ROI. Unfortunately, you have significant competition in 2019. Businesses of all sizes are using similar strategies.

So how do you climb the ladder? Let’s recap how to take your LinkedIn marketing strategy to the next level with LinkedIn marketing hacks:

  1. Make your profile stand out
  2. Create long content
  3. Improve your website’s blog
  4. Make sure to post at the right times
  5. Post videos
  6. Utilize Conference Frames
  7. Keep track of metrics
  8. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups

Implement these social media marketing hacks for LinkedIn and your 2019 marketing strategy will be ready for taking off!