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Show Your Podcast Episodes in Google Search

google search podcast

Are you thinking about how you can get more listeners on your podcast? Did you know that over 40% of Americans listen to a podcast?

Are you ready to get your podcast on Google Search? It’s simpler than you think.

You figured out how to start a podcast. The mindset you used to start a podcast will help you learn how to get your podcast on google podcasts. It’s important to show Your podcast episodes in Google search. You can’t ignore gaining more subscribers for your podcast if you want to get your story and services out there.

Getting your podcast to the top of the list is easier than you think. What’s the best way to gain more subscribers for your podcast? Ranking on Google, of course. Here’s how to make your podcast show up in a Google search.

Why Do You Need Your Podcasts in Google’s Search Results

Google has been leveling its podcast game. When talking about how to get your podcast on Google podcasts, we’re looking for ways to make it easier. Whether its a marketing or a health podcast, people are looking for podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and now on Google.

Due to the popularity and growth of podcasts, they are forcing radio to become more diverse to keep up. There are two places where people mainly listen to podcasts. People listen to podcasts during their commutes in the car and in the gym.

Whether you like it or not, it’s important for you to learn how to gain more subscribers. With over 60,000 online searches second, you don’t want people to miss a chance to connect with your podcast.

With so many people doing google searches online, you need your podcast in Google’s search results. Your podcast started with zero downloads. Every podcast does. Everyone starts on equal footing.

Research estimates that there are over 250,000 podcast shows and growing. The sooner you get your podcast on Google’s search results, the faster you will gain subscribers. To be successful in podcasting, it’s important to differentiate yourself.

Even if you have already launched your show, you could revisit your podcast marketing strategy. Consistently create content and deliver value to your audience. Show up no matter what. If you show up consistently, list your show on Google and share on channels, people will show up. The more you show up, the more people’s trust grows.

Make a list of content, episodes, and guests you could host. Share your episodes on social media channels to help people find your podcast on different media channels. Produce shows with the best audio quality you can. This can be QuickTime and a Mic from Amazon to start.

How to Have your Podcast in Google’s Search Results

People have more options than ever when they google search podcast when they want to listen to one. As the host of your show, it’s your job to make them choose your podcast. You can’t hit record, publish and expect the downloads to roll in.

When people search for your podcast, Google will find the most recent episodes and list them with direct-play links. These links open the selected episode within Google’s Podcasts web player interface. This makes it easy for people to listen straight from Google.

People will see your podcast showing episode details on the main webpage. Google includes placing playback controls at the bottom of the browser window. If you or anyone else does a Google search podcast, you can listen online without leaving Google.

Having your podcast in Google’s search results will help you establish yourself as an expert and gain credibility for the show. When looking to gain subscribers, you want people to google search podcast, your type, and category and find you. It’s easier than you think to have your podcast on Google.

There are important steps to take for your podcast and episodes to have your podcast in Google’s search results. For the podcast show, the name, URL, and description of podcast episodes are required to show up in Google’s search results.

To add more information to your podcast in Google’s search, include tags such as author, description, and category among others. This is where you upload your shows.

You may check this via your settings on your podcast provider website. This could be Podbean, Buzzsprout or Podiant to name a few providers some people use for podcasting.

For podcast episodes, include the name and URL of the episode audio file. To add more information to podcast episodes, you may include a description, date, and duration of the episode. This will show up as well when people google search podcast and your show.

Some of these steps on how to get your podcast on google podcasts are easy to take action on. Some can help you make sure you list as many details as possible about your show.

Once the show is listed on Google search results, there are other ways for you to take your SEO strategy to the top. For example, you could backlink the Google Link on your website on your about or media page.

Another way is to set up an internal webpage that links to the podcast. Make sure you add the podcast to your social media buttons. Your newsletter is a great way to announce your podcast listing via Google. It will help you increase credibility and gain subscribers as well.

How to Get your Podcast on Google Podcasts

Who isn’t looking to gain more subscribers? Getting your podcast on Google Podcasts is simpler than you think. Sometimes, we make things more complicated than they need to be.   Many podcasts are listing on Google Podcasts so don’t miss out. Here’s how to get your podcast on Google Podcasts.

The basic steps to follow include:

  1. Go to Google Play and click add a podcast
  2. Paste the RSS feed of your podcast
  3. Submit the RSS feed link
  4. Verify the Ownership of Podcast
  5. Publish Podcast via Google’s Platform
  6. Wait for Approval
  7. Determine Promotions While You Wait

The approval process takes about three days to get your podcast on Google. By getting your podcast on Google Podcasts it will help you gain subscribers. You can take your podcasting strategy further by posting on social media, backlinking and hosting guests. This will help you gain visibility and subscribers.

Once you get your show approved, start asking for reviews. This will help you gain more subscribers as well. People love to get recommendations from their friends, or “superlisteners”.

Listing your podcast on Google Podcasts will help increase your podcast’s visibility. It’s important to do your part to gain more subscribers for your podcast. An emerging trend in podcasts is super listeners. You know who they are.

Superlisteners are the people that recommend 1-3 podcast episodes or shows every time you talk to them. Make sure part of your strategy is to attract fans of your show that will tell people.

Pay attention to those that regularly share shows on social media. Podcasting and social media are a powerful combination to gain subscribers for your podcast.
You need your podcast in Google’s search results so that when people search for your show category or title, they can find your podcast.

Consistently think of ways to grow your podcast from the content, guests, and marketing. For example, you can tie asking for a podcast review to points on a program that results in rewards in your business. You could combine your retention program with a customer appreciation event as well.

You may consider using social media to get more reviews for your podcast by working with bloggers and influencers. This helps create social proof as well.


Getting your podcast on Google Search results is one of the best ways to start gaining more subscribers for your podcast. Although there are over 250,000 podcasts, Google started listing them in 2018. It’s still relatively new and a way for you to gain an edge for your podcast.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s important with marketing. That’s why it’s important to gain traction with something as easy as listing your podcast on Google Search. Make sure you submit your RSS feed as soon as possible. It takes less than 5 minutes.

It’s great business sense to use powerful platforms like Google and to make it easy for people to find your content and podcast online.

Gaining more subscribers won’t happen overnight at the level you want. With consistency, value and time you will soon start receiving them regularly.

What actions will you take next to show your podcast episodes on Google search? To learn more on ways to take your SEO strategy to the next level, read more from us here at Best SEO.