Better SEO: How to Write the Best Meta Descriptions

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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SEO can elevate a business’ presence online, but it is by no means a simple process. It helps to think of it as the different moving gears in a clock; every component needs to be well-integrated with the rest for it to perform seamlessly. 

This is why the best SEO experts are so in demand; they ensure that your business gets the best result possible by using every SEO element that will boost your brand image. By doing so, there’s a greater chance that you’ll attract the right audience for quality leads and better sales. 

One of the most important on-page elements that you can use is the meta description. Not only will it help you stand out, but it can attract even more people to your website. Here’s how to write better meta descriptions to improve your SEO strategy.

Defining Meta Description

Meta descriptions are SEO elements that people see every day and find incredibly useful when deciding which website has the right content they’re looking for. It’s the short text that appears under the page title on Google search results pages that tells audiences what the page is about, why you should visit it, and what information it provides. Writing a good meta description is one of the best SEO practices you can master, as it will determine if your audience will decide whether or not the site is worth a visit. 

Tips for Writing Better Meta Descriptions

1. Have a Strong Opening

Most audiences won’t read the entire meta-description, which is why it should start with the most relevant information to hook the reader right away. If you spend too many words trying to get to the point, they’ll lose interest and move on to the next source that will give them what they need. Strong openings present the information straight up and are far more effective and influential. 

2. Include Keywords

SEO makes use of keywords to make a business’ searchability better. These should be present in your content, including your meta descriptions, particularly if you’re ranking for specific keywords. Target audiences will view it as an indicator that they’re visiting the right website for their needs. Be sure to implement both main and secondary keywords but avoid overusing them. 

3. Make It Concise

Meta descriptions should be no more than 160 characters long, which forces you to be concise with your message. Every word and sentence must count; avoid redundancies and say no more than what is necessary. Remember to practice being straight to the point to get your message across as early on as possible. Well-worded and constructed meta descriptions will tell potential page visitors all they need to know to make a decision.

4. Have a Strong CTA

Writing a clear, concise, informative meta description is not enough. You need to give your audience a reason to click on your link and follow through to your website. Good calls to action (CTA) are inspiring, motivating, and catchy to direct and invite your readers to visit your website. Statements like, “Get a free quote today!” will help readers decide if they’re still second-guessing. 

5. Keep It Friendly

Though the goal is to market your brand to the reader, the best meta descriptions aren’t written this way. They should sound conversational rather than promotional, so use a friendly tone and everyday vocabulary. Try to avoid technical jargon as much as you can to make it easy to read.


Writing effective and compelling meta descriptions is no easy feat. It needs to play into other SEO elements, such as quality content, the use of keywords, and a strong CTA. Developing a strategy for this with the best SEO consultant that you can get in touch with will ensure that every word in your meta descriptions counts towards your digital marketing goals! 

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