Keyword Research Tools: SECockpit vs Keywords Everywhere

SECockpit vs Keywords Everywhere
Last Updated: December 20, 2023

In This Article

  • SECockpit and Keywords Everywhere are two popular keyword research tools.
  • Keyword research tools help you find high-quality keywords that help your pages rank well on Google.
  • This article will help you find out which is best for your business, and its SEO needs.


Keyword research is an essential component to SEO — being able to rank highly on Google and bring in website traffic. It all starts with the keywords, and finding which ones you should use, is essential.

To conduct keyword research, you’re going to need a keyword research tool.

SECockpit and Keywords Everywhere are two of the most popular keyword research tools. Both tools have similar features but differ in certain aspects.

This article will go over both tools, comparing price, features, integrations, customization, ease of use, implementation, and support. From this comparison, you should be able to find which is best for your needs. 


secockpit keyword tool

SECockpit is a keyword research and SEO management tool that was created in 2010 by the company SwissMadeMarketing. It is extremely popular, as it is one of the most extensive keyword research tools on the market.

Its unique selling points are its extensive features and incredibly high speeds. It sells itself as the luxury keyword research tool.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool that was created in 2016 by the company Axeman Tech. With over 800,000 users, it is one of the most popular tools for finding high-quality keywords.

The keyword research tool initially became popular because it was free. This changed in late 2019 — however, the tool still has free features and is very cheap.  

Software Comparison


SECockpit offers 3 basic pricing packages that can be paid either monthly or annually.

  • Personal
  • Pro
  • Agency
secockpit pricing

The “Personal” Package

  • $39 per month, or $299 a year (saves $169)
  • Compatible with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc…)
  • 10 keyword searches a day 
  • Keyword ideas from Google Adwords
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

The “Pro” Package

  • $59 per month, or $499 a year (saves $209)
  • Compatible with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc…)
  • RankTracker access (tracks your website’s rankings daily)
  • 50 “daily tracked” keywords
  • Rankings for both mobile and desktop
  • Rankings for all languages/countries
  • 50 keyword searches a day   
  • 10K search results per keyword search
  • Keyword ideas from Google Adwords, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches
  • Keyword ideas from YouTube Suggest and Amazon Suggest
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

The “Agency” Package

  • $99 per month, or $899 a year (saves $289)
  • Compatible with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc…)
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • RankTracker access (tracks your website’s rankings daily)
  • 100 “daily tracked” keywords
  • Rankings for both mobile and desktop
  • Rankings for all languages/countries
  • Rankings by city
  • PDF reports
  • Email reports
  • 10K search results per keyword search
  • Keyword ideas from Google Adwords, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches
  • Keyword ideas from YouTube Suggest and Amazon Suggest
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Alternatively, Keywords Everywhere is priced on a “credits” system. A credit is basically a keyword — one credit = one keyword. That includes all the keyword research data: volume, CPC and competition.

Here’s Keywords Everywhere’s exact explanation of “what a credit is.”

One credit gets you the volume, CPC and competition data for one keyword. So, for example, if you import 1000 keywords into our import keyword tool, you will use up 1000 credits.

keywords everywhere pricing

There are 6 basic packages you can buy, with differing credit totals.

  • $10 gets you 100,000 credits
  • $50 gets you 500,000 credits
  • $100 gets you 1,000,000 credits (1 million)
  • $200 gets you 2,000,000 credits (2 million)
  • $500 gets you 5,000,000 credits (5 million) 
  • $1000 gets you 10,000,000 credits (10 million)
keywords everywhere tool pricing

As you can see, the price per credit does not change, regardless of how many you buy in bulk. There are however, the payment processing fees, which would make buying in bulk cheaper.

Keywords Everywhere uses FastSpring as its payment processor — they allow you to pay with PayPal, or a credit/debit card.

There are absolutely no monthly or annual pricing options/plans.

Features & Functionalities

SECockpit Features & Functionalities

SECockpit is an online application that requires absolutely no downloading, or installation. It is run entirely on the cloud and is compatible with any internet browser. 

All you really need is an account.

SECockpit has 5 main features to help you with keyword research.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Organize Keywords

Keyword Research

The keyword research feature of SECockpit is extremely fast because the tool runs on the cloud. This gives it substantial computing power, allowing you to analyze and process up to 200 keywords per minute.

 secockpit keyword research

Most of the other keyword research tools out there can only do 1-2 keywords in that time.

Some other things to note…

  • The feature also allows you to analyze keywords from an imported list
  • Works in every language/country

Keyword Ideas

The keyword ideas function allows you to enter a keyword — it returns a list of variations. 

secockpit keyword ideas

The keyword variations come from various sources. These places include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Search Suggest
  • Google Related Searches
  • Amazon Search Suggest
  • YouTube Search Suggest

You can also conduct a semantic keyword search of your competitors. This gives you new seed keywords to put into the keywords idea function. 

Keyword Analysis

The keyword analysis function will give you a detailed breakdown, based around the current, top 10 ranking pages. Some aspects of the analysis include:

  • PageRank 
  • On-page optimization factors
  • Backlink counts
secockpit keyword analysis

There is no misleading data — there are no “competing page” stats, no “intitle” or “inurl” searches. There is absolutely no flimsy competition data. SECockpit aims to minimize the irrelevant data, and focus on only the truly important stuff — the stats that matter.

The keyword analysis function also aims to make the data as easy to understand as possible. All the important data is summarized into one simple value: the “niche” metric.

secockpit keyword analysis tool

Competition Analysis

SECockpit allows you to pull data from every result on the first page of your keyword. This is done by accessing data from Moz and its database. It’s one of the most accurate and useful databases out there to get search-based information.

secockpit keyword competition

Another aspect of the competition analysis involves being able to compare URLs. By comparing with your top 10 competitors, you can find out where you’re lacking.

You can also generate keyword ideas, based on the competition analysis. You can generate a whole host of new semantic LSI keywords to help your pages rank.  

Organize Keywords

With the power of excel filtering, SECockpit allows you to find the quality keywords, among the irrelevant ones. Like finding a needle in a haystack — the process is made easy. 

This is helpful when you want to find a specific type of keyword, like one that is most optimal for AdSense, or AdWords.

Files can be created to categorize your keywords.

There are also tags you can use.

If however, you prefer to use another tool to process the data, you can export it. You can also create PDF reports based on the data, if required.

Keywords Everywhere Features & Functionalities

Keywords Everywhere, like SECockput, requires no external installation or downloads. The tool runs as a web browser extension or “add-on.”

NOTE: It only works with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Once you’ve added the extension to your browser, you’ll need to sign-up to get an API key.

There are various different features — some of these are only accessible when you have available credits.

Free Features

Even if you don’t have any credits, there are still some features you can use.

You can see related keywords on Google, as well as “People Also Search For” keywords (PASF.)

keywords everywhere

However, you won’t get any volume, CPC or competition data.

Another free feature is the ability to view an insight on YouTube search and tags.

keywords everywhere youtube

Once again, no volume, CPC or competition data.

Lastly, you can analyze URLs and get the keywords associated with that page. 

keywords everywhere keyword density

The only data you can get is density — there is no search volume, CPC or competition metrics. These are for those with credits (paid features.) 

Paid Features (Credits)

If you have credits, you can do everything in the free features, but you actually get data. This includes search volume, CPC and competition metrics.

keywords everywhere paid features

There are also some specific features only those with credits can use. 

You get support for 16 different websites.

keywords everywhere supported websites

You are also able to import your own keywords to accurately access search volume, CPC and competition.

keywords everywhere import


SECockpit Integrations

SECockpit is part of a larger internet marketing software toolbox, created by SwissMadeMarketing. This toolbox includes:

  • SECockpit — a keyword research tool
  • Ytcockpit — a YouTube specific keyword tool
  • AIDAcockpit — a Germany specific tool
  • localBizprofit — a website creation tool
  • memberBizprofit — a membership website specific tool
  • affiliateBizprofit — an affiliate website specific tool
  • trafficanalysis  — a website traffic analysis tool
  • ranktracker — a search engine ranking tracking tool
  • backlinkspy — a competitor backlink research tool 

As you can see, the SECockpit tool is designed to be integrated with its own toolbox brand. Because it’s a keyword research tool, it does integrate with Google Analytics/Search. That’s really pretty much it.

Keywords Everywhere Integrations

One of the biggest advantages of Keywords Everywhere is how well it integrates with other software/websites. This is because it is a web browser extension/add-on. The keyword research tool integrates with 16 different websites — here’s the full list.

  • Google Search
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • UberSuggest
  • Answer The Public
  • Soovle
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Majestic
  • Moz Open Site Explorer

Here’s an example of integration with Google Search Console.

keywords everywhere search console

And here’s Google Analytics — keyword volume, CPC and competition data added.

keywords everywhere google analytics


SECockpit Customization

Because of the extensiveness of its features, SECockpit allows room for customization. The keyword data columns can be altered to the user’s preference.

secockpit customization

You can also categorize your keywords into groups with filters and tags.

secockpit tags

If you purchased a package that comes with RankTracker, you can set up profiles to automatically track your Google rankings.

secockpit ranktracker

Project folders can be created, so you can work on different websites and the keywords for it. 

secockpit folders

Keywords Everywhere Customization

Keywords Everywhere does not nearly have as much customization, simply because it is not as complex. All the customizations you can do are on the settings page. 

You can alter the data source.

keywords everywhere data source

You can enable and disable different metrics.

keywords everywhere metrics

You can also toggle on and off, the different supported websites.

Ease of Use

Because SECockpit is the most extensive keyword research tool on the market, it might be a little bit more complex. It might not be as easy to use as simpler options.

To address this, they have an excellent support structure, with educational videos, manuals, and guides. This will be further covered below under “Support.”

On the other hand, Keywords Everywhere is really easy to use. Its lightweight, browser extension/add-on design seamlessly integrates with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The keyword data literally pops up on the side of a Google search.

You can master Keywords Everywhere in under one hour, it is that easy to use.


Both keyword research tools are very easy to implement.

SECockpit is completely web-based, running on the cloud. You buy a package, receive an account, then log in.

secockpit login

That’s all there is to it.

Keywords Everywhere is also web-based, operating as a browser extension/add-on.

The first thing you need to do is to add the extension/add-on to your browser. It’s important to note that only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox support it.

Once added, you’ll then need to sign-up — you should receive an API key.

keywords everywhere api key

Input the API key into the tool. 

keywords everywhere api input

That’s it. Really easy.


When you first log in to SECockpit, you’ll find the 3 main modes of support.

  • Quickstart Guide
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Helpdesk (Submit a Ticket) 
secockpit support

There is also a manual that goes over everything you need to know.

Because Keywords Everywhere is not nearly as extensive as SECockpit, it doesn’t have or need as much support.

There is a 10 minute YouTube video that goes over installation and demos the tool.

The FAQ section on the main website details some things. But if that doesn’t solve your problem, you can email them and wait for a response.

Final Thoughts on SECockpit vs Keywords Everywhere

SECockpit is expensive and has more features, while Keywords Everywhere is cheaper and more straight-forward. Between the two, the best option depends on your needs.

Are you a big, established company with a large marketing budget? SECockpit might be best for you.

But what if you’re a smaller-sized startup? Keywords Everywhere’s low cost makes it more suitable. 

Did you find this article helpful? Have any questions? Leave a comment below.