7 Best AdWords Extensions To Increase Your Conversion Rates in 2024

Last Updated: January 3, 2024

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Did you know that for every $1 a business spends on Google Ads it generates revenue of $2? If a listing gets five clicks, for example, it gains incremental revenue of $11. This shows you how crucial choosing the best AdWords extensions is for your business.

Google is one of the most influential advertising channels for campaigns that require a direct response. The metrics you apply to make the most out of AdWords depend on your long-term goals. Running the most successful AdWords campaign begins by understanding all there is about them.

Let’s delve deeper into the details. A commonly asked question is “what are Adwords extensions?” This is discussed in the next section, and later a look at some of the best Adwords extensions for 2019.

What Are AdWords Extensions?

AdWords extensions are tools that enhance ads with more information, improving visibility and engagement. They extend the length of the advert. It thus shows extra information that would ordinarily not show without the extension.

They show snippets of relevant information like your business phone number, ratings, and location.

If you’re looking to make your company stand out from the competition AdWords extensions are for you. Other advantages of AdWords are that they enhance your click-through rate (CTR). They also improve your quality score, which, in turn, increases your pay per click profits.

A good quality score makes your site ranks higher, an indication that it’s doing well among competitors. Without the score, it’s usually difficult to know when some features are hurting your website. In the long term, AdWords serve the purpose of determining if the keywords you’re using are useful.

How to Get the Best Out of AdWords

How to Get the Best Out of AdWords best adwords extensions

AdWords extensions created haphazardly won’t yield the much-needed results. Some best practices for coming up with extensions include:

  • Be specific with your words
  • Make sure to choose keywords that match your business
  • Don’t mix up extensions as they’ll not be approved
  • Create extensions that work for both mobile and computer devices

Creating AdWords extensions calls for a lot of scrutiny of the information you avail. If you’re not best suited to develop the extensions, use the services of a professional to help you set up effective extensions.

Here Are the 7 Best AdWords Extension You Should Be Using:

7 Best Adwords Extensions

Now that the question “what are AdWords extensions” has been answered, the next step is to determine the ones to use. The best AdWords extensions should maximize the performance of your ads. Google Ads work by displaying responses closely related to individual searches on the engine.

AdWords extensions are crucial for businesses as they improve the quality score, enhance click-through rates and can significantly boost pay-per-click profits. Key AdWords Extensions for 2024 include Sitelink Extensions, Call Extensions, Review Extensions, Callout Extensions, Structured Snippets Extensions and Location Extensions.

1. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extensions allow advertisers to add up to four links to their site in their ad, enhancing user navigation and ad relevance. The extension makes your ad stand out because the searcher can quickly find the page they need.

For maximum results out of sitelink extensions, they give a summary of the subpage. Thus, it would be more beneficial to add call-to-actions or product descriptions in the links. Other important business data you can include business hours and location.

How They Work

Sitelinks can be added at the ad, campaign, or account level. You should specify the link text and URLs. In some cases, Google will automatically supplement the links you provide with descriptions about the pages.

You can add the information when creating sitelinks, or Google can automatically select data from your site. Sitelinks are free to add, but you’ll pay for clicks by viewers regardless of whether they click on or within the ad.

2. Call Extensions

Call Extensions

Call extensions are meant to encourage viewers to contact you. They let you add contact information, which can significantly improve the clickthrough rates. If customers click on the call extensions and call your business directly, it means higher chances of conversion.

Google will sometimes set up an automatic call extension if you’ve put a phone number on your site. Call AdWord extensions are best to use if you aim to get more viewers to call.

How They Work

When your ad shows your call extensions, people can see your phone number. If the device they’re using has a clickable call button, they’ll call you automatically. The ad can also direct people back to your site when they click on the ad.

All calls made as a result of clicking on the call extension can be counted as a conversion. For easy tracking of conversions, you can turn on the call reporting feature in your account.

3. Review Extensions

Review Extensions

Review extensions are also among the best AdWords extensions to use. They provide feedback on your company’s products and service. The extension relies on the third party to review your site. The reviews show on your ad, helping the viewer to make a decision based on the review.

You will see in this Best Buy ad, that they have added multiple extensions, in particular, the Review Extension. The 4.6 Stars stands out from the rest of the text and allows users to gain or lose trust in the brand they are considering purchasing from.

what are adwords extensions

Review extensions show product rating details like ease of use, value, and order accuracy. Testimonials are useful because they show that your product can be trusted.

4. Callout Extensions

Callout extensions serve to promote unique offers to your customers. For example, they could be directed to free shipping, after-sale services, 24-hour service, or buy-one-get-one-free offers. Upon clicking on the ads, the viewers will see significant information about your business, services, and products.
Call Extensions encourage direct contact with businesses, improving conversion chances and customer engagement.

How They Work

Upon creating a callout extension, it’s eligible to appear on a computer or mobile device. The extensions can hold up to ten callouts, together with the ad text. However, this will depend on the browser, character spacing, and device in use.

Callout extensions on a computer are listed on a single line and separated by dots. On a mobile device, the extensions wrap in the form of paragraphs. It’s important to note that ads without callout extensions show at the top or bottom of search results.

Some of the benefits of using callout extensions are that they are flexible and customizable. They also effectively highlight the offering of your business.

5. Structured Snippets Extensions

Structures Snippets extensions show specific aspects of your business. They appear as headers just below your text ad. It also shows a variety of values that fall under that header. For example, if you’re in the business of selling laptops, the header could appear as “Laptops.”

The list of values could include various laptop models, and the various computer accessories offered. If you offer repair services, this will also be listed.

How They Work

Structured snippet extensions can show up to 2 headers at a time, which appear with the ad on a computer. If showing on a mobile device, they’ll only show one header. Through Google algorithms, the best header or combination of headers will be selected for display.

Ensure to use as many relevant headers as possible to improve your search results. These extensions can be customized at the campaign, account, or group level. You’ll decide where to add them, and the type of information to incorporate.

You can also schedule when ads with snippets extensions appear. Most importantly, always verify that the headers and values match, as a mismatch will cause the extensions to be disapproved.

6. Location Extensions

Location Extensions

No one wants to trust a stranger and wants to know where your business is located so they can verify as a trusted source for purchasing the products & services you offer at your brand. People want to know better about your brand before they “convert” so it’s very important for your business and believe us, Location extensions encourage viewers to physically visit your shop, which increases their trust in your brand and goods you provide.

In these extensions, you can incorporate photos of your office, hours of operation, and directions to the location. You have the option of using call extensions if you’d like your clients to call a centralized line.

When Best to Use Location Extensions

If you want your clients to step foot into your business premises, this is the time to use location extensions. When people search on mobile devices for one of your business keywords, your extensions should divulge as much info as possible.

These include the distance from the location, street address, and a clickable call button for phone communication. For more effectiveness, the extension should include a link to elaborate details of the site. On the link should be a phone number, hours of operation, customer rating, photos, and directions.

7. Offer Extensions

Google has come up with newer extensions that allow you to add offers to your ad. On the extension, you can provide detailed information about your business. Ensure to do so in a way that incentivizes your ad viewers to do business with you.

The effectiveness of offer extensions lies in offering business opportunities in the offer. Let searchers find everything they’re looking for in one ad and increase your chances of having conversions. You can see an example from his storage company in Charlotte, NC.

adwords offer extension example

Best Adwords Extensions – Takeaway

An ad without extensions would not yield many results as one with extensions. The best AdWords extensions should be easy to implement and customizable at different levels. They also should be very specific on the aspect of your advertising or business goals they’ll enhance.

Whether you want to start running an ad campaign or want to improve an existing one, try incorporating the above-suggested AdWord extensions. Update the wording of the extensions to see the ones that have the highest yields.