Understanding Recent SEO Trends in the HVAC Industry

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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There was a time when content was believed to be the king when it came to HVAC SEO and for the SEO industry at large. However, as technology and the market evolve, the insights and data are proving otherwise. Content nevertheless remains important for ranking on search engines, but how it is done matters just as much. 

It is no longer just about word count and keyword repetition. Your SEO must satisfy the user experience and meet user demands. This might seem challenging, but the good news is that the HVAC industry has some special advantages in that regard.

Content and SEO is more than text 

Google’s algorithms are designed to provide answers to inquiries—to provide correct and accurate answers for when users ask for, as an example, the best HVAC business in the area. Addressing this query is possible through content production, but that no longer means just text. 

Newfangled ranking methods, such as job site check-ins, are revolutionizing the SEO industry, with many more different ways to rank being developed and accounted for every day. 

How do I rank in 2020?

Even if your website has a good number of keywords, it is still crucial for your business to establish itself as the topical authority in the HVAC industry. That means each of your services must have its own set of optimizations. 

For example, heating and cooling services feature a wide range of different products and applications. Users have different behaviors and habits when searching for these offerings, and these must be accounted for in your HVAC website’s SEO. 

Check-ins are the way forward

As we mentioned before, job site check-ins are set to revolutionize SEO. Now you can use industry-specific reputation management software and apps to populate your page with check-ins related to a specific service. All these check-ins provide definitive proof that you provide the service you offer and that you might even do it well. 

Internal linking helps

For less-visited pages, having a good number of internal links is necessary. Your pages should cross-reference each other and highlight your offerings and services. This can help users navigate your website and find what they’re looking for much more easily. Make sure none of your pages are orphaned to ensure that it ranks on Google. 

What does the future look like for SEO?

One of Google’s goals is to make its search engine more intuitive to the user. Protocols are developed every day to analyze users’ inquiries with greater insight to provide them with better information. This means that the protocols now prioritize value and intent over word count and length. 

Gone are the days when you had to write 1,500 words about heating and cooling. Now, the point can be made in as little as 500 words. Google is now more likely to prioritize the latter over the former. 

Final thoughts

The name of the game is now quality over quantity. It is no longer about repeating the same keywords as many times as possible in a single article. It is about offering quality information to user inquiries and providing a positive user experience on your website. That means you have to keep abreast of these HVAC SEO trends as they progress into practices.

If you’re looking for help with SEO for your HVAC business, send us a message at HVAC SEO. We have what it takes to help your HVAC business soar.