Tips Don’t Lie: The Best SEO Tips To Maximize Site Growth

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Search Engine Optimization is an invaluable service to have in your business’ digital marketing toolkit. With people going online and utilizing search engines to discover new things and to find information on products and services, jumping on the SEO wagon will assist you in your growth. For those still unaware of the way this amazing technique works, it uses well-written content that contains specific keywords. This content is then put up on your site and works with algorithms to be detected by search engines and ranks it on the results page. When people search for specific keywords, the chances are that they are likely to stumble upon your website. 

While this all sounds extremely simple, it can be hard to master and often takes some time to grow and appear on the first few results. For best results, here are some important tips for your website’s SEO workings:

Center The Website Around A Single Concept Or Theme

When your site has a central theme to it, it makes it easier to come up with a set of relevant keywords. Some articles may deviate slightly from this theme, but having your content about the best practices or services of your website and brand will help your page stay relevant. 

Mention Keywords In Specific Areas, And Don’t Overdo Them

Make sure that you have your strong keyword mentioned in the site title, domain name, description, and other areas of your site. This makes it more visible when searched. When writing blog posts, however, do not overdo the use of keywords, as algorithms pick up spam and extreme repetition. 

Cross-Link Pages On Your Site

When you are writing content for your site, cross-link your previous blog posts in the newer ones to get more visibility on your other pages. This helps your leads find more of your site and discover more about what you have to offer. 

Have An Aesthetic And Seamless Permalink Structure

When making a permalink for your page, do not use a number and letter combination that makes no sense. This makes it difficult for SEO to pick up on your website and it doesn’t look pleasing. So instead of naming your site page’s URL something like, instead make it look better by naming it with an actual name like

Having text makes it nicer to look at and easier to recall in the long run, as well as makes it better for SEO. 

Remove Excessive Website Plugins

Excess plugins like music players, flash graphics, large images and others will slow down your website from opening, which often irritates people when they wish to visit your page. Keep the design of your domain minimalist so that people find what they need quickly and without any hassle. 

Name Your Images With Keywords

Instead of naming an image abc123.jpg, put a name describing what your article is or a keyword like tips-for-seo.jpg. This makes it visible to SEO tools, and helps people find your page and brand quicker. 

Utilize Links From Other Sites, But Do It Sparingly

This is especially useful when discussing statistics, as it gives your site a sense of integrity because people know you have done research on the topic. Utilize this tactic sparingly and choose the sites you link wisely, as people may opt to use the sites you linked over your own. 

Create Human-Sounding Content And Constantly Update

An issue seen with some blogs is that they sound unnaturally written or just randomly generated. Put some heart into the content and make it sound engaging for people to enjoy what they see. Also, people appreciate a constantly updated webpage, because they see it as a legitimate site that is constantly working to improve. 


SEO is extremely powerful provided you put in the work and the right techniques to let it grow your business. Utilize these tips to be able to find a foothold and dominate the market. However, if you are uncertain about what steps to take or create your own content, seek the services of an SEO professional company or agent. 

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