SECockpit Review: Top Keyword Research Tool

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Last Updated: January 14, 2024

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  • SECockpit is a popular keyword research tool created by SwissMadeMarketing in 2010.
  • Keyword research tools help you find the right keywords to get you ranking on the 1st page of Google.
  • This article will review the tool, helping you decide if it’s right for your SEO needs.


secockpit keyword tool

SECockpit is one of the more feature-rich keyword research tools on the market. SECockpit is a feature-rich keyword research tool created by SwissMadeMarketing in 2010, designed for speed and efficiency in SEO strategies.

SECockpit Review


SECockpit is an online tool, there is no need for any downloading or installation. It is 100% run on the cloud and works with all internet browsers. 

Key features include keyword research, keyword ideas generation, keyword and competition analysis and tools for organizing and categorizing keywords.

There are 5 main features of the SECockpit keyword research tool.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Organize Keywords

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary function of SECockpit, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Because SECockpit is run online, through the cloud, it has blazing, unmatched speeds. SECockpit analyzes keywords at unmatched speeds, processing 200 keywords per minute in various languages and countries and offers advanced analysis like niche value.

secockpit review

You can analyze keywords in every language and country, as well as import your own list. 

Keyword Ideas

Another neat feature of SECockpit is that it can generate you new keywords, based on your current ones. Simply enter in your seed keyword, and the tool will return you a list of variations.

secockpit keyword ideas

The list of keyword variations are sourced from various different places. Here’s a list of places where your results might come from.

  • Google Adwords/Search Suggest/Related Searches
  • YouTube Search Suggest
  • Amazon Search Suggest 

Keyword Analysis 

Aside from generic volume, CPC and competition data, SECockpit offers some more advanced keyword analysis.

It will throw you a massive list of “related keywords” that are similar to your seed ones. 

secockpit keyword analysis

The top 10 ranking pages of your keyword will be analyzed — each page will have its PageRank, on-page SEO and backlinks inspected.

secockpit keyword tool analysis

There is also a unique metric called the “niche value.” It’s the little green bar next to the listed keyword.

The niche value is basically traffic volume, divided by competition level. It’s meant to be an ultimate metric for a keyword. In SECockpit’s own words, “all of the data SECockpit gathers, boiled down into a single value.” 

Competition Analysis 

Because SECockpit’s keyword analysis is so extensive, it’s also quite good for competition analysis. 

Those first 10 results analysis for your keywords includes vital metrics that give you great insight.

secockpit competition analysis

These metrics include:

  • MozRank
  • PageRank (Page Authority)
  • Domain Authority
  • Backlinks
  • Internal Links
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Tweets
  • Google +1 

It’s also important to note that all this data comes from the Moz database. Also, “MozRank” is basically a link popularity score — it measures the importance of pages compared to others. In SECockpit’s own words, “MozRank is a very close replication of PageRank.”

You can also compare your URLs with your competition, which is important because it can, and does, influence ranking.

Organize Keywords

SECockpit is also quite good for organizing your keywords and the data associated with them. The software has excel quality filtering, helping you find keywords that are ideal for specific aspects.

Want keywords for a Google Adwords campaign? No problem. Or maybe you’re looking for keywords with low competition and good search volume for your blog? SECockpit’s excel sheet design will help you find them.

secockpit keyword tool design

You can also go one step further and create individual files to organize and categorize your keywords.

secockpit tool organization

Another option is to use tags.

secockpit keyword tool tags

There is also the choice to export your data, or create email/PDF reports. This is good for those that want to analyze the data on another platform.

secockpit report


SECockpit offers three packages: Personal, Pro and Agency, with different features and pricing suitable for various user needs and budgets.

  • The Personal Package
  • The Pro Package
  • The Agency Package

secockpit pricing

The Personal Package

The Personal Package is the cheapest option available — it costs $39/month or $299/year. Buying for an entire year will save you $169.

Here are the features you get with this package:

  • Browser compatibility (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer…)
  • 10 keyword searches per day 
  • 800 search results per keyword
  • Google Adwords keyword ideas
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

secockpit personal package pricing

The Pro Package

The Pro Package is the “budget” option — costing $59/month or $499/year. That’s $209 in savings if you buy for the whole year. 

Here are the features you get with this package:

  • Browser compatibility (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer…)
  • 50 keyword searches a day   
  • 10,000 search results per keyword
  • Keyword ideas (Google Adwords/Google Suggest/Google Related Searches)
  • Keyword ideas (YouTube Suggest/Amazon Suggest)
  • RankTracker (tracks daily website rankings)
  • 50 “daily-tracked” keywords
  • Ranking data for mobile and desktop
  • Ranking data for all languages/countries
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

secockpit pro package pricing

The Agency Package

The Pro Package is the most expensive option — priced at $99/month or $899/year. $289 saved if bought annually. 

Here are the features you get with this package:

  • Browser compatibility (Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer…)
  • Unlimited keyword searches  
  • 10,000 search results per keyword
  • Keyword ideas (Google Adwords/Google Suggest/Google Related Searches)
  • Keyword ideas (YouTube Suggest/Amazon Suggest)
  • RankTracker (tracks daily website rankings)
  • 100 “daily-tracked” keywords
  • Ranking data for mobile and desktop
  • Ranking data for all languages/countries
  • Ranking data for cities
  • PDF + Email reports
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

secockpit agency package pricing


SECockpit is the flagship product of Swisse company SwissMadeMarketing — they offer multiple other tools. SECockpit is feature-rich and offers detailed analysis, it provides excellent support and tutorials to facilitate ease of use for its users. When it comes to integrating with other software, SECockpit really only connects with SwissMadeMarketing’s products.

swiss made marketing toolkit

Here’s a list of those products:

  • Ytcockpit (YouTube specific keyword tool)
  • AIDAcockpit (Germany specific tool)
  • localBizprofit (website creation tool)
  • memberBizprofit (membership website specific tool)
  • affiliateBizprofit (affiliate website specific tool)
  • trafficanalysis (website traffic analysis tool)
  • ranktracker (search engine ranking tracking tool)
  • backlinkspy (competitor backlink research tool) 


As far as keyword research tools go, SECockpit is quite customizable. Here’s some customizations you can do.

You can create project files for all the different websites you work on.

secockpit folders

This folder will contain all the keyword research data associated with that website.

You can also customize the columns of your keyword data, changing things like the “niche” value or monthly search volume.

secockpit customization

As mentioned earlier in the features section, you can categorize and classify your keywords with tags and filters.

secockpit tags

If you bought either the “pro” or “agency” packages, you’ll have access to RankTracker — this is quite customizable.

secockpit ranktracker

Ease of Use

Due to the extensive nature of SECockpit, it might be more difficult to use. There are great onboarding support features — this will be covered shortly. 


SECockpit is extremely easy to implement, because it runs as an online application, on the cloud. 

Implementation is as simple as buying the tool, getting your account details, and then logging in.

secockpit login

All done.


The first thing you see when you log in to SECockpit, is the 3 methods of support they offer.

  • Quickstart Guide
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Helpdesk – Submit a Ticket 

secockpit support

The tutorial videos are really good.

secockpit tutorials

And so is the PDF guide.

secockpit pdf guide



  • Speed
  • Amazing Features
  • Awesome Support


Compared to other keyword research tools, SECockpit is able to process and analyze keywords at much greater speeds. The tool supposedly can fully inspect, and give data on 200 keywords in a single minute.

Here’s a quote straight from the SECockpit website.

“SECockpit runs in the cloud and can access enormous amounts of processing power. The result is that it is able to return up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords to you in just a minute.”

secockpit speed

They are being 100% honest, as it is widely known as the fastest keyword research tool. There’s even a live speed test on YouTube.

There’s no doubt — SECockpit is blazing fast.

Amazing Features

Compared to other keyword research tools on the market, SECockpit is absolutely loaded with quality features. 

Most generic programs will only give you search volume, CPC and competition data — SECockpit gives you so much more. You get extensive data on the top 10 ranking pages for your keyword, which is vital information to understand what type of content is ranking.

You also get lots of ideas for more keywords, based on your seed keywords.

It also subsequently acts as a fantastic competitor research tool. 

This is what makes SECockpit so good, it’s more than just a generic keyword tool. It’s everything you need, to find and understand keywords, and how to rank for them.

Awesome Support

The support that SECockpit provides is really awesome — this is almost a necessity because the tool is so extensive. There are written guides with annotated images, there are tutorial videos, you can even ask them questions.

They cover literally everything you need to know, to effectively use SECockpit. Down to the very metrics and their definitions.

This is a very complex keyword research tool, but its support makes it easy to learn and use. 


  • Expensive
  • Lacks Integrations
  • Steeper Learning Curve

How Much are You Looking to Spend?

The cost of SECockpit is by far the biggest question — the tool is far more expensive than most. Other keyword research tools are far more affordable, but don’t have as many features.

This is the trade-off — you are paying for the “Rolls-Royce” of keyword research tools. That doesn’t come cheap.


One of the bigger problems with SECockpit, is that it only integrates with SwissMadeMarketing software.

Compared to other keyword research tools, they are lacking in this department. 

Steeper Learning Curve

Although SECockpit has extensive features, this also means it’s going to take longer to master it. This is obviously why they insisted on having such a robust support function.

You will find that this tool is more confusing than more simplistic options available.

SECockpit Review Final Thoughts

SECockpit is one of, if not, the most expensive keyword research tools on the market today. It, however, is also one of the most extensive, feature-rich options available. It truly is the luxury choice.

Is it SECockpit for you? Only you can know that. But, if you have the budget, and want a “top-of-the-line” keyword research tool, this might be the perfect fit.