Our Guide to Increasing Your Organic Traffic Through SEO

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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All businesses want to reach their customers and be the go-to company in their industry. You need to make sure that they find your product or service when they search online, instead of landing on a competitor’s page.

To achieve this, you must be strategic about your search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertisements. Here are some things to look out for when building your online marketing strategy, or when hiring SEO consultant services.

Target readers, not search engines

Write buyer personas and build quality content that responds to their concerns—if you do, you will naturally surface as a go-to brand. Tap into the common problems your personas face, and identify the keywords they search frequently.

When you prioritize search engines, you will come out with posts that do not mean much to the people you want to reach. Make your content relatable and informative for your personas, and algorithms will deem your website relevant.

Produce content on a regular basis

Increase your organic site traffic by blogging regularly. When you post frequently on your website, you will quickly amass a collection of posts focused on your niche—if you focus on content that is always relevant, you are sure to get traffic consistently, over a period of months or even years.

Be active in your network, as well. Read, comment, and react to other people and companies’ blogs, especially the ones in your niche. Though this does not guarantee replies, you will usually come across as incredibly helpful and social, always a good thing in business. Look into posting on places like Quora as well. People go on social platforms to ask questions about various things, and you can build your authority by responding thoughtfully to queries about your niche on this site.

Be thoughtful about keywords and meta data

When you rank highly on Google, it means Google sees your website as an influential source for a niche. If you want to rank, you must include long-tail keywords and optimize even your meta title, URL, and description.

Look out for your on-page SEO factors, since these make your website more understandable to algorithms. A digital marketing agency can use tools like Ahrefs, the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, and the SEO tools provided by HubSpot, among others.

Use internal and incoming links

Links within your blog help people navigate smoothly between posts and pages of your website. You can even chart journeys through your content—an especially helpful way of introducing newcomers to your website.

You can also encourage friends, clients, industry personalities, fellow bloggers, and other interested people to link to your online space. This is a valuable marketing technique used in small business SEO services. If you have plenty of meaningful external links, you will rank highly on search engines. Be careful not to overdo these, however—having too many internal links or having low-quality external ones would register as unhelpful.

Be your first and biggest fan

Share your company’s posts on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more—an active social media presence helps you get your company’s name out online. Make sure your posts have share buttons as well—this will help others spread your posts wide. Of course, this assumes that you have done your homework, and made a post worth sharing!


If you want to increase your organic traffic, you have to give people what they are looking for online. Learn your audience’s preferences, by using tools that track your audience’s behaviour and log things like location, days or hours most active, and other important details.

It can be overwhelming trying to launch and execute a marketing campaign, but it is wholly possible with enough preparation. To know what you should look for in SEO companies, keep reading SEO Service. We provide strategies and tips on organic growth, along with help in finding the best online marketing SEO services for you.