How SEO Has Transformed Digital Marketing in 2020 – What to Know

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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With 2020 nearly halfway over and companies and industry leaders stopping at nothing to refine their approaches and systems, many speculate that a rebound for success is in sight, especially in the case of digital marketing.

As more and more consumers continue to depend on the Internet to go about their transactions and perform regular tasks, it’s clear that the web is a godsend for many businesses today. In particular, the practice of search engine optimization has been touted as a vital tool because of the opportunity it affords for businesses to get ahead of their competition.

Beyond the significant impact that it has made on the digital economy and modern business landscape, SEO has become an even greater necessity because of how much it has evolved over the last few months!

How SEO is shaping the digital landscape 

Although it may have been restricted to an accessory role, SEO now finds itself at the forefront of most, if not all industries because of how greatly it affects the reach of any business. Today, this very tool has amassed an even greater significance because it determines which options and products that customers see first, which is an opportunity to capitalize on at all costs.

Another significant development for SEO in 2020 is that it’s also setting the pace for how proactive any business needs to be so that it effectively captures a rapidly shifting market. With the average searcher’s preferences and standards growing more complex and cutthroat each year, a company must now adjust and make sure that its website finds the most customers.

What to expect in the long run

When it comes to long-term developments, any business or website owner should immediately expect that SEO is here to stay because of how it helps them succeed in the digital marketing ecosystem.

As significant as this practice or tool is today, it only shows a slight glimpse into the potential impact of search engine optimization and marketing since organic search traffic continues to grow annually. With search volumes across terms or keywords growing each year, putting such a strategy into play will be nothing short of non-negotiable if you want your website to last long into the future.

Over time, any digital marketer or business owner should also expect to see seemingly-minute details becoming even more significant determinants of ranking and performance. Key details, such as meta descriptions, headers, content, and applied structured data, are bound to set websites apart because of how intense the online competition is growing. 

Apart from minor details, certain tools like visual and voice searches are two opportunities to capitalize on for long term ranking as search engines like Google continue to improve their products. Mainly geared towards helping those with disabilities and consumers in search of more convenience with their user experiences, images and voices are set to become just as important as typing in words during a search. Because of this, you should make sure that your website can be easily found with both tools at the same time!


Now that search engines are growing to become even more relevant, it’s vital to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to equip your website with a dependable SEO strategy. This is even more necessary in 2020 where the conditions are filled with larger search volumes. By taking the time to research, prepare, and build accordingly, you can get ahead of your competitors and make sure that your website remains relevant in the long run!

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