6 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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As many changes have been made in the business industry in 2020, it’s best that you take note of those adjustments so that you will know how to move forward. Before you get busy with your content marketing strategy, be sure to take a look at the common mistakes that have been committed so far this year. Although some are minor mistakes, there are ones that significantly hurt the brand and the overall marketing strategy. 

It’s easy to overlook some aspects when doing content marketing, which is why it helps to know the common mistakes you need to avoid. Here are six common content marketing mistakes to avoid in 2020: 

1. Lacking Audience Knowledge

You spend lots of time and effort to produce content only to realize in the end that your target audience doesn’t read them. What’s wrong here? It can mean one thing—you’re writing the wrong content. This is why it’s vital you get to know your audience before you build a marketing strategy. 

Keep in mind that you will be competing against other brands for users’ attention. Keep in mind that poor and irrelevant content can cost you your audience. Because of this, you must spend time getting to know who your audience is before you produce any piece of content. 

2. Lacking Purpose

Your content must have a clear purpose, or it will defeat its purpose. Identify the niches to focus on so that you can maximize your efforts and resources, and establish a reputation of expertise. To have more content focus, pay attention to specific age groups, interests, or locations. 

3. Not Prioritizing Quality

Quality content is extremely important, especially if you want to dominate search engines. Your marketing efforts will be all for nothing, even if you produce lots of content, yet it has poor quality. Keep in mind that your content’s quality can be determined whether or not it is beneficial and valuable for the readers. Likewise, it needs to meet your marketing objectives, which is why the previous point is essential. Make sure you spend time in keyword research and optimize images and videos.

4. Not Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

There is a growing number of mobile users these days, which means you need to ensure that they are reachable, and this includes making your content mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendliness has become an essential ranking factor, in which Google prioritizes the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Because of this, if you want to boost your content strategy in 2020, it is best to have mobile-friendly content and website. 

5. Not Using Enough Multimedia

People have become overly-visual, thanks to the advent of the Internet because these visuals make absorbing information easier. With that, if you are not using enough multimedia in your content, then you’re losing opportunities for growth. 

Pieces of content that is rich with multimedia elements are more likely to be shared on social platforms. So, don’t hesitate to add high-quality images to your blog posts. The more eye-catching your content is, the better.

6. Failing To Explore Other Content Forms

Keep in mind that not all content has to be written, especially today, when there are plenty of available forms of content you can explore, such as video, audio, and visuals. Sticking to a single content form will no longer work; instead, repurpose content and translate it into various forms. There’s also value in adding short-form videos, GIFs, and other visually-attractive elements.


Remember that content is king, and with the changing times comes certain adjustments that you need to make to your content strategies to be successful. The six common mistakes mentioned above are what you need to avoid so that you can create a marketing strategy that will work in 2020, despite the tight and growing competition. 

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