4 Things to Focus on When Writing Google Ads for Your HVAC Service

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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Nowadays, it’s easy for people to surf online when looking for certain services. When their pipelines burst out or AC units break down, they look for local plumbers or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services via the web.

If you are an HVAC service provider in your area, it’s imperative to promote your services through online platforms, such as the Google network. One way to market your HVAC company is to come up with an effective HVAC PPC campaign. A vital aspect of this campaign is the copywriting of your Google Ads for your HVAC service.

Here are five key things to focus on when writing Google Ads for your HVAC company:

1. Right messaging and compelling content

When writing your Google ad copy, the content is far more important than anything else. As much as possible, the messaging resonates well with your target market.

Nonetheless, even before your audience reads your message, your ad copy has to catch their attention first. That is when you need to be creative in coming up with compelling content. You have to make sure that your ad stands out and drive real engagement.

2. Relevant keywords

Keywords play a crucial part in your PPC campaign. As Google allows you to indicate when you want your ads to appear based on keywords that users type in, you have to be sure that your keywords are effective.

You can conduct keyword research to see what users looking for HVAC services are more likely to type in the search field. Make sure to incorporate these relevant keywords into your ad copy to improve your HVAC ranking and frequency.

3. Unique Selling Point (USP)

There may be a handful of HVAC companies in your locality providing similar HVAC services. So, it can be quite challenging to convince customers to choose your service amid the competitive market.

One way to help you stand out from your competition is to offer a Unique Selling Point (USP). This USP should be reflected in your ad copy that can persuade your potential customers to choose your service over the others, whether it’s an AC repair, furnace installation, or plumbing part replacement.

4. Call-to-action (CTA)

Google Ads are supposed to advertise your HVAC services and drive engagement with your potential clients. As much as possible, you should write ad copies that encourage your customers to click or call. That is where CTAs come into play. It is highly encouraged that you include CTA in your ad copy to prompt customers to take your desired actions. Make sure to customize your CTA based on the ad group you’re writing your ads for.


Running a Google Ads campaign for your HVAC company is paramount. Copywriting is one major aspect you need to optimize your HVAC PPC campaign. When drafting your Google Ads copy, be sure to include the right messaging and compelling content, relevant keywords, USP, and CTA. Ultimately, an excellent ad copy gets discovered online and drives engagement with your prospective customers.

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