3 Methods to Align Your SEO Strategies to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Last Updated: December 20, 2023

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There’s no denying that the COVID-19 outbreak has crippled almost all businesses across the globe. For the time being, companies can only do so much to keep their operations afloat, and the best way for your business to cope is to market your brand and conduct business transactions online. 

One aspect that cannot be ignored even during this period is to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. As many individuals are confined to their own homes and spend more time online, now is your opportunity to enhance your SEO efforts. As much as possible, your strategies should be relevant to the current global pandemic that the world is facing.

In this article, we will share with you three methods you can use to align your SEO strategies to the COVID-19 outbreak:

1. Create a dedicated web page covering the COVID-19 outbreak

Many would think that only businesses and organizations in the health sector need to have a dedicated page for the COVID-19 outbreak. The truth, however, is that it is all the more necessary for companies negatively impacted by the coronavirus outbreak to create a dedicated page for them to stay relevant. That way, companies can continue to capture a target market that searches for virus-related content and serve the general public in their own ways. 

2. Have your FAQ page incorporated with coronavirus queries

If creating a dedicated web page will be difficult for your business, then incorporating coronavirus-related questions on your FAQ page can also help. For instance, you can answer queries as to how the virus has impacted your business and what customers can do when in need of your goods or services. By doing so, you’ll help customers know what to do and how to cope up with the current situation, and in return, this will give your business web prominence.

3. Optimize your Google My Business for the local search

If you are a vital business that can help your local community, it is important to optimize your Google My Business so that it can be readily available for the local search. Apart from updating your name, address, and phone number (NAP) details, you should also provide relevant business information that will ensure your online presence. 

For instance, if you run a food business, you can still find a way to provide food supply to the local community through instant delivery. If it is needed, you can hire local SEO services to increase your online visibility for local search.


The COVID-19 outbreak has greatly impacted businesses worldwide. Yet, your business can still find ways around the current global pandemic situation to keep you relevant to your customers. If you want to take your SEO strategies to the next level, make sure to align your SEO strategies with the current situation by following the four valuable tips outlined above. Not only will these methods help your business get online visibility and site traffic, but they will also help your business cater to the needs of the public effectively.

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