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URL Metrics

✔ SEO Optimization: Our free SEO audit will check URL structure to make sure it's properly optimized.

✔ Keyword Use: Is your target keyword in your URL?

✔ Punctuation: Do you have any undesirable punctuation in your site's URL?

Mobile Metrics

✔ Responsiveness: Is the site using the correct tags to make sure the width and scale changes across devices?

✔ Sitemap: We scan the site to determine if a mobile sitemap is present.

✔ File Compression: Are files properly compressed to allow fast load time?

Domain Metrics

✔ Security: Does your site have the proper security certificates installed?

✔ Keyword Placement: Is your keyword included in your domain name?

✔ Domain Length: There is a preferred character count for a length of a domain. Is your site within that count?

✔ Domain Age: Believe it or not, domain age is a ranking factor in Google. How old is your domain? We can tell you the age as well as when the expiration date.

✔ Favicon: Do you know the image that shows up next to your domain in the search bar? That is a favicon. Do s your site have one?

Linking Metrics

✔ Outbound Links: How many outbound links are on this page?

✔ Unique Domains: How many unique links are linked to this page?

✔ Types of Links: What types of links are linking to and from this page? We will give you a breakdown.

✔ Page Authority: What is your page authority score? The higher the number to 100, the more potential there is for the page to rank high in the search engines.

✔ Domain Authority: Similar to page authority, what is your overall domain authority score? Knowing this knows the likelihood of high rankings.

SEO Audit Details

SEO Analysis

Do you want more organic search traffic to your website? Do you want to increase the number of online conversions? Then all you have to do is use our free SEO audit report as your guide. The report will point out the SEO errors, big and small, you need to fix to increase your ranking in the search engines.

Content Analysis

There’s a huge difference between writing content for your website and writing content that will help you rank in the search engines. Our free SEO audit will evaluate your content and tell you if you’re on the right track. Follow the recommendations and take your content to the next level!

Social Media Analysis

Are you wondering how much social reach your website is generating? Trying to understand the true impact of social media marketing? Our free SEO audit tool will give you the numbers as well as ways to increase the social relevancy of your website. You can become a social media marketing guru in no time.

Marketing Roadmap

We know this report can seem overwhelming. With over 12 full pages of analytics and data, you might wonder where to even begin. But don’t worry, our free SEO audit will provide you a roadmap of improvements you can make to fix each problem one at a time. Check off the items and see your ranking soar.

What We Analyze

SEO Metrics

✔ Title Tag: Does your tag contain your keyword and is it within the proper word count? ✔ Description Tag: Is your tag optimized for your keyword and the proper length? ✔ Image Analysis: Is your image named properly and does it have an alt tag? ✔ Heading Tags: Do you have headings and are they in the right order?

Content Metrics

✔ Word Count: There is a word count minimum you should try to reach, are you there? ✔ Text to HTML Ratio: Is your content within the proper ratio? ✔ Sitemap: Have you linked to your sitemap.html? ✔ Keyword Density: Have you used your keyword enough times throughout the content?